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"I was a big fan of Integrity, then I learned about Scrutiny and bought a copy the same day. Just wish I had learned about it sooner."
"Scrutiny is highly functional, a pleasure to use and this latest version looks and performs better than ever."
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Free link checker
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Integrity Plus

+ Generate sitemap
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Integrity Pro

+ SEO & Spelling
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+ Advanced features

- Feature comparison



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Time Machine for your website


Webscraper Screenshot

Scrape data
or archive content from a website

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Album art screensaver

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Redirection made easy

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Controller for Hue light bulbs

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Controller for LIFX bulbs



Peacockmedia have been making apps for OSX, or MacOS as we should now call it, since the early 2,000's. We're responsible for the best free link checker for mac, Integrity, and its enterprise versions, Integrity Pro and Scrutiny.

Here you'll also find other useful apps and utilities such as measuring tool Meander and the album art screensaver, ScreenSleeves.

Some are new, and very much in development, such as Webscraper, which can scan a website and extract data, such as the page's meta data, content (converted to plain text or markdown) or parts of the page extracted by class or id, or by regex pattern.

We take a very active approach to helping our users and are always happy to help with problems, answer questions, hear suggestions.


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New app - 'Time machine for your website'

This exciting new project can monitor a single page or a whole website and archive all changes and/or alert you to changes.




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New free flashcard / Visualisation & Association method

Vocabagility is more than a flashcard system, it's a method. Cards are selected and shuffled, one side is shown. Give an answer, did you get it right? Move on. As quick and easy as using a pack of real cards in your pocket..




Blog recent

Vinyl Shine for Mac

probably the most satisfying imminent release ever from NPD at PeacockMedia Towers.

At its core, Vinyl Shine is a software pop filter developed for a better experience when listening to vinyl records. Around that is an app that can simply act as a player, or rip your vinyl and allow you to edit, split and save your tracks.




Blog recent

Small but important enhancement to Scrutiny's 'insecure content' reporting

This not-so-common scenario recently came to light. The enhancement to Scrutiny to trap it adds to Scrutiny's abilities to help migrate a website to secure https://.



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