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a screenshot of Scrutiny for Mac

Scrutiny: Website crawl-and-report

"Within a few minutes Scrutiny became one of the two "Best and Most Used New" apps of the year for me!"
"I was a big fan of Integrity, then I learned about Scrutiny and bought a copy the same day. Just wish I had learned about it sooner."

Link checking, SEO, html validation and more. Find out more


a screenshot of Website Watchman

Website Watchman: monitor, archive, go back in time

Routinely archive or monitor a website. Find out more


a screenshot of a website report generated by Scrutiny for Mac


We can help you to keep your website free of bad links and SEO issues without you needing to buy, licence or run our software yourself. You'll simply receive a notification that a new report is available and be able to view / download it online using any device. Examples and pricing are here.

We can help you with your migration to a secure https:// website by providing a mixed content / insecure pages report. This will list pages that contain links to your old http:// urls, or that use resources which are http:// Example and pricing are here

We can help you scrape a website for data. Either by helping you to set up our WebScraper software or by running it on schedule and sending you a one-off or regular report. Find out more and enquire about data scraping here.


a photo of MIDISID

Retrocomputing, hardware and embedded software

As a breakaway from PeacockMedia's usual webcrawling and MacOS work, these projects use microcontrollers and are usually related to music or retro-computing or both.

See current projects


Bundle: Web Maestro

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Scrutiny + Watchman + Webscraper $199 $159

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Bundle: Web Virtuoso

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Integrity Pro + Watchman + Webscraper $109 $79

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Album art screensaver



Scrutiny / Integrity: scrutinize your website

"I was a big fan of Integrity, then I learned about Scrutiny and bought a copy the same day. Just wish I had learned about it sooner."
"Scrutiny is highly functional, a pleasure to use and this latest version looks and performs better than ever."
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Free link checker
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Integrity Plus

+ Generate sitemap
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Integrity Pro

+ SEO & Spelling
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+ Advanced features

- Feature comparison



Other new and noteworthy apps

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Plain Text Stickies

Keep notes, lose the formatting



Peacockmedia have been making apps for OSX, or MacOS as it is now, since the early 2000's. We're responsible for the best free link checker for mac, Integrity, and its enterprise versions, Integrity Pro and Scrutiny.

Here you'll also find other useful apps and utilities such as measuring tool Meander and the album art screensaver, ScreenSleeves.

Some are new, and very much in development, such as Webscraper, which can scan a website and extract data, such as the page's meta data, content (converted to plain text or markdown) or parts of the page extracted by class or id, or by regex pattern.

We give top quality support and are always happy to help with problems, answer questions, hear suggestions.