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Development environment for managing hand-coded sites


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Dendrite is not a WYSIWYG or drag-and-drop website designer or traditional server-side content management system.

Dendrite is closer to a development environment than a content management system. It's for you if you want to hand-code or already have your code and want to manage the site as code rather than visually. It contains a number of features and tools which will help you to do this.

They key feature, which gives the app its name, is that it can store text or code as 'objects'. Anything that appears in more than one place can be stored as an object and edited in one place. A placeholder indicates an object's position in the main file. Objects can contain other objects.

The server simply has to serve a pre-compiled page. There is no content management system on the server to be hacked. Your pages are not constructed when they are served. This makes your website faster and more secure than if you use a traditional content management system (CMS).

If you would like to read more, an early draft of the user guide is available here.

*Forthcoming improvements include syntax highlighting in other file types, eg php, python etc. Browser preview that allows you to see changes as you make them.

System Requirements

Mac OSX 10.13 or higher


What should I do with the downloaded file?

Open the .dmg file and find the application inside. If you want to keep using Dendrite, drag and drop it into your Applications folder. To keep it in your dock, right-click or click-and-hold on its dock icon and choose 'Keep in dock'. To have it available all the time, do the same and choose 'Open at login'

Version History

version 1.5.0 November 2020

version 1.4.1 October 2020

version 1.4.0 September 2020

version 1.3.0 September 2020

version 1.2.3 August 2020

version 1.2.2 August 2020

version 1.2.1 August 2020

version 1.2 August 2020

version 1.1 July 2020