Software end user licence agreement

Document version v1.2.1 Published on 28 July 2017

The software will not collect information that it doesn't need to or make unauthorised internet connections.

Although our paid software doesn't collect information or send data back to us during its use, we will have some information; for example any details you give during the purchase. You may supply further information in connection with a support call. During the normal operation of the Paddle licensing system, some basic and anonymous stats like app launches are counted. We will hold all of this information in line with current UK data protection law, will only use it for the purpose it was given and not pass it to anyone else for any reason. If you ask, we will tell you what information we have and will securely delete it on request, though this may affect our ability to support you in the future.

Free and beta software may return some information to peacockmedia, if useful for development purposes. This will be anonymous and not used for marketing. The app will notify the user if this is to happen.

As with most software, the software comes with no warranty of any kind. We will not be held responsible or liable for any loss or damage which is considered to be a result of using the software.

The licence enables you to use the software and shouldn't be considered the purchase of the code itself or any kind of support. Having said that, bug reports and enhancement suggestions are welcome and we have high support standards. Our policy is set out at

All of our licences are 'licence for life', ie they won't expire and will always enable the contemporary version of the software to run. A licence will usually be recognised by later versions of the software, but we reserve the right to supply and charge for a new licence for major new versions.

The licence is for one user, though in some cases a 'corporate licence' will be available which licenses five or more users at the same organisation to use the software. The licence isn't transferable, and you must not distribute a licence key in any way, except to the user(s) it is for. We can revoke a licence if these terms are broken.

We can't give refunds for any reason. Please make sure that the software works for you before purchasing - take advantage of the free trial period which is available for all of our licensed titles.

Running the software implies acceptance of these terms.

In this document 'we' and 'us' means Shiela Dixon / PeacockMedia. 'you' means the software user / licence holder. 'the software' means any software made by us; for example shareware, freeware, freeware being used after a donation, licensed software being used for a free trial or registered applications. 'the licence' enables you to use the software and is usually in the form of a key supplied after a payment. The definitions of all other terms are as any reasonable person would understand them.


v1.2.1 Published on 28 Jul 2017

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