Combined hardware/software projects

These are some recent projects that I (Shiela) have been working on, related to my interests in retro computing and music rather than PeacockMedia's usual area of web crawling.

They are mostly designed around the Raspberry Pi Pico with custom software in C.



Pocket-sized theremin-like MIDI instrument

Played with gestures in the air like a theremin and can output MIDI over USB, MIDI over TRS, audio at line or headphone level.



Classic SID sounds with MIDI input

A synthesizer - MIDI in, two modern SID replacements, audio out.


USB keyboard interface

For Minstrel 4th

This is a USB keyboard interface for the Minstrel 4th Jupiter Ace clone from Tynemouth Software.



Serial terminal with USB keyboard in, VGA out

This designed specifically for the RC2014 Z80 computer, but could have other uses.



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