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Try Webscraper for free. The results will be limited to a few rows so that you can see whether it works for you. If you already own WebScraper, This is the current version v4.15.6. Download and run it.
The base price is for the software and this documentation. If you need help with setup, or for someone to do the job, please see Consultancy Manual / documentation for Webscraper
One-off purchase: 25 USD | EULA buy now


Licence and Consultancy

The base price for the software and documentation is 25 USD (One-off purchase)

You can access this price from within WebScraper after trying it, or use the Buy button above or this secure link: https://pay.paddle.com/checkout/509735

As well as the basic price for the licence, we can offer a licence+consultancy package.

"Can the software do my job, and can you tell me how to set it up?" Answering this question can take a lot of time and it's not fair to load the base licence price to take account of this. Therefore we have the Licence+Consultancy package set up for this scenario, which is 75 USD. That will include the licence for the software, the setup (delivered as a project file) and maybe the data that you're after too, because in order to answer this question, it's often necessary to do the job itself. If the job is very large or complex, then the price of this package may need to be based on time and materials.

Access this package via the support form.

End user licence agreement

System Requirements

Current version requires Mac OS 10.13 or higher

Users of 10.10 - 10.12 should try v4.15.2

Users of 10.8 and 10.9 should use v4.9.2

Category:Developer Tools / Web Scrapers

What should I do with the downloaded file?

Open the .dmg file and find the application inside. If you want to keep using WebScraper, drag and drop it into your Applications folder. To keep it in your dock, right-click or click-and-hold on its dock icon and choose 'Keep in dock'.


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