Integrity Plus: link checker and more

Easily find your website's broken links and more.


  • Manage multiple sites
  • sites and settings in dark mode
  • Inspect individual links
  • Generate a XML sitemap
  • Lots of preferences for sitemap
  • Visualisation (dot file exported from Integrity Plus, displayed by free Siteviz)

Offers 7 day free trial. We have rarely made upgrade fees; if you already have a licence, just download the current version, 12.7.12 and run it. | Version history | There is an upgrade path from Integrity Plus to Integrity Pro to Scrutiny.

One-off purchase: 20 USD | EULA | Discounts
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"This is such a well-written app, it has proven very helpful!"
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Link checking

All the features of Integrity. The same fast, efficient, accurate engine.


Export an xml sitemap for submission to the search engines (and in other formats too - including .dot for making visualisations). Option to include images and pdf files. Set up rules for your priority / change frequency or edit these manually.

Manage multiple sites

Manage as many sites as you like, with individual settings for each.

Search / filter / export / archive

Integrity plus has search boxes and filter buttons. Search your data, filter it, export it.

The archive function is enhanced in Plus and Pro - optionally process the html files to make them easier to view and browse.

If you're looking for full archiving functionality, see Website Watchman.

cross-platform icon, includes Windows, Linux and mobile icons

Serviced scan, scheduled, cross-platform results

If you're not a Mac user, or would like to just receive a regular notification of the scan results, viewable and downloadable on any platform, you may be interested in ordering a regular Integrity or Scrutiny scan online.

Find out more and see examples.

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20 USD (One-off purchase)

You can buy from within Integrity Plus or use this secure link:

End user licence agreement

Corporate | Educational licensing

Integrity Plus is licensed 'per user' but bulk discounts and educational discounts apply.

Affiliate program

If you are interested in earning a commission as an affiliate (currently 20% on sales) please find out more here

Upgrade path

There is an easy lose-nothing upgrade path:

from Integrity Plus to Integrity Pro

or from Integrity Plus or Integrity Pro to Scrutiny


Requires Mac OS 10.14 or higher, Intel 64-bit or Apple Silicon.

Users of OSX 10.13 should use version 10.4.13.

Users of OSX 10.9 should use version 9.6.1.

End user licence agreement

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