Scrutiny 5

Improve your website's quality, SEO and user experience.


  • Settings screen
  • Settings screen
  • Settings screen
  • Settings screen
  • Link inspector
  • Page analysis
  • SEO summary
  • Visualisation

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Previous major version, v4 is still available, supported, licensable and upgradeable. This page is about the current version, v5.

Try it

Just download it and run it. It'll allow 30 days free use with all features working.

Licence (v5)

~£60 / $95 (One-off purchase, compares with 3 months of CheckDog's Zebra plan or 1 year of Screaming Frog)

Please buy from within Scrutiny. End user licence agreement

Corporate licence (5 or more users)

Scrutiny is licensed 'per user' but for 5 or more users at the same organisation, you can buy a corporate licence. Please email me


Don't want to buy, install, understand or run Scrutiny yourself? I can supply a standard or custom report or discuss individual requirements. Website reporting services

Upgrade path

If you have a licence for a Scrutiny version earlier than v5, please read this page

If you are evaluating Scrutiny for a company or if you need a licence for the purposes of reviewing Scrutiny for a magazine or blog article, please contact me

System Requirements

Version 5 requires Mac OSX 10.6 or higher, Intel. 10.10 (Yosemite) and retina screens supported and the app is code signed to keep Gatekeeper happy.

10.5 users should run version 4.5.5

PC Version?

If you're of the Windows persuasion, you could use Xenu's Link Sleuth. The developer has made it clear that he's not interested in producing a specific Mac version. I don't do Windows so there won't be a Scrutiny for Windows. I've no connection with Tilman Hausherr (though he seems like a great guy), and this is no more than a personal recommendation to use the Link Sleuth if you're a pc user.

Alternatively I am able to provide you with a report. More about web services


I am impressed by Scrutiny! I will immediately cancel my recurring payment for a german seo-onpage-checking-tool. Scrutiny offers all I need for onpage-seo: check the title-tags, check the meta-description, check the complete website for broken links and it even works with the seo-friendly-link-structure of wordpress-blogs.

Jens Kleinholz, NT SEO (

"I searched for ... a Screaming Frog alternative. Unfortunately while being free, Link Sleuth is also not available on OS X. There are some alternatives which have much less functionality but what I found was something better. Something native to OS X and something with perfect name Scrutiny."

- Erik Blum,

"I am a web developer and I've found the Scrutiny software to be the perfect all-in-one collection of web tools. Also the feedback I gave to the Peacockmedia team was immediately implemented in the next release!"

- Mauro Mazzerioli

"I was a big fan of Integrity, then I learned about Scrutiny and bought a copy the same day. Just wish I had learned about it sooner."

- Steven Johnson, Intown Web Design

"to say I am impressed is an understatement, really great tool I will be using a LOT"

- Peter B

"Thanks for the great tool, I think webmasters ... can make great use of it to spot main on page problems and remove obstacles to high rankings!"

- from review by Singley via Macupdate

" is what we were looking for and I believe it is the best link checker available for Mac OS."

- D H

"Shiela, I just bought Scrutiny. Hopefully, you'll be able to have a bottle of wine tonight on me. I am VERY impressed.
Good luck with your business. You are doing some really cool stuff on the Mac."

- M T


If your question isn't answered, please use Scrutiny's support form

Version History

v5.9.11 released July 2015

v5.9.10 released July 2015

v5.9.8 released July 2015

v5.9.7 released July 2015

v5.9.6 released June 2015

Some fixes and improvements to xml sitemap:

Other fixes / enhancements


v5.9.3 released June 2015

v5.9.2 released June 2015

Some changes designed to help crawl very, very large websites:

Other small enhancements:


v5.9.1 released June 2015

v5.9 released June 2015

Many improvements related to sitemaps and in particular the .dot (graph) export (in readiness for SiteViz, a visualiser to display the sitemap): Enhancements: Fixes:

v5.8.8 released May 2015

v5.8.7 released May 2015

v5.8.6 released May 2015

v5.8.5 released May 2015

v5.8.4 released April 2015

v5.8.3 released April 2015

v5.8.2 released April 2015

v5.8.1 released Feb 2015

A couple of small fixes to the new spelling By Word view:

v5.8 released Feb 2015

Improves spelling results / workflow:

v5.7 released Jan 2015

v5.6.4 released Jan 2015

v5.6.3 Release Candidate released Dec 2014

v5.6.2 Release Candidate released Dec 2014

v5.6.1 Release Candidate released Dec 2014

v5.6 Release Candidate released Dec 2014

v5.5.2 released Dec 2014

v5.5.1 released Nov 2014

v5.5 released Nov 2014

v5.4.8 released Nov 2014

New features and enhancements relating to authentication and crawl limits

v5.4.7 released Nov 2014

A number of enhancements relating to character encoding: Other enhancements and fixes:

v5.4.6 released Oct 2014

A number of enhancements and fixes to spelling and grammar checking:

v5.4.5 released Oct 2014

v5.4.3 released Oct 2014

v5.4.2 released Oct 2014

v5.4.1 released Sep 2014

v5.4 released Sep 2014

New with full release of v5 (v5.0 released April 2014)


Fixes and small enhancements

  • Handles html within a heading such as <strong> or <span> and reports the whole heading correctly
  • Better handles entities involving a hash (eg ') within a url. Previously was truncating the url at the hash assuming it to be a fragment/anchor
  • New option to include <lastmod> in xml sitemap. If this is checked, the last modified date for internal pages is logged (if the server gives it) and shown in the sitemap table
  • Correctly removes all temporary files when application quits. v4 and before had removed temporary files only when starting a new scan. previous points of v5 had not removed all files.
  • Fixes bug causing spurious text to be reported as the link text if an image has alt = ""

    Full version history for Scrutiny (The full history is also in the release notes included in the app's dmg file)