Website scan

Website report

I can scan your site fully and accurately. (Also known as crawling or spidering.) I have long experience with automated crawling of websites. Developing software (such as Integrity and Scrutiny) since 2007, supporting and helping users along the way.

For basic searches such as a spelling check or sitemap, I have some Fiverr gigs set up for fast and cheap results.

Bespoke search

For something more specialised, for example if you need a list of all urls which redirect, a list of pages with thin content, or maybe an archive of all pages converted to markdown or plain text then please ask. I can price these reasonably.

Regular report

Maybe you'd like a standard report (broken links, SEO issues, spelling) delivered regularly by email, or something more specific emailed regularly? I can set this up with a recurring payment, monthly, three monthly, six monthly.


I'm available to help interpret or understand the results.

Free sample

To give you confidence, I'll be very happy to run a scan and give you a few rows of the results so that you can see that they match your needs.

To order a free sample, please use the form below. To discuss any special requirements, please contact me at



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