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This page is about Scrutiny v4 which is still available, supported and licensable. The licence costs less than the new v5 and can be upgraded. Version 5 >>

Licence (v4)

Licence Scrutiny One / each user (£34.95 / ~ 55 USD)

Corporate licence (v4)

Licence Scrutiny more than 5 users (£175 / ~ 275 USD)

Note that this licence is for version 4 - it is a lifetime licence in that it will always work with this version (in contrast to a competitor whose licence is annual). Upgrades are usually free, but v4 - v5 is a very significant step forward and is a paid upgrade. (This definition of 'lifetime' has always been written into our EULA)

End user licence agreement

If you need a licence for the purposes of reviewing Scrutiny for a magazine or blog article, please contact me

System Requirements

Web download: Mac OSX 10.5 or higher, Intel or ppc. 10.10 (Yosemite) is supported and the app is code signed to keep Gatekeeper happy.


Open the .dmg file and find an installer inside. To keep Scrutiny in your dock, right-click or click-and-hold on its dock icon and choose 'Keep in dock'.


"to say I am impressed is an understatement, really great tool I will be using a LOT"

- Peter B

"Thanks for the great tool, I think webmasters who don't need advanced options ... can make great use of it to spot main on page problems and remove obstacles to high rankings!"

- from review by Singley via Macupdate

" is what we were looking for and I believe it is the best link checker available for Mac OS."

- D H

"Shiela, I just bought Scrutiny. Hopefully, you'll be able to have a bottle of wine tonight on me. I am VERY impressed.
Good luck with your business. You are doing some really cool stuff on the Mac."

- M T


If your question isn't answered, please use Scrutiny's support form


Developer: Shiela Dixon

Version History

v4.5.5 Released June 2014

(as part of ongoing support for v4 alongside development of v5)


v4.5.4 Released February 2014


v4.5.3 Released February 2014


v4.5.2 Released December 2013


v4.5.1 Released September 2013

Adds 'soft 404' support:
- highlights suspected soft 404s (where status code is 2xx but the intended page hasn't been found)
- You can customise this list to find soft 404s within your own site or add terms found in external soft 404s
- You can switch the feature off (in Preferences) if you have a large site and want best performance and this isn't important to you

Adds automatic update check:
- New dialog gives information about new versions when available with single click to download

Small fixes and improvements:
- Adds 'visit' button beside url field in link inspector

Change of policy with demo mode
- Allows a limited number of trial scans rather than a period of time

v4.4.1 Released September 13

Small fixes and improvements:
- Expandable views will only expand when crawl is paused or finished. Deferring the building of these views improves speed and efficiency
- Fixes bug preventing pages to be added to the sitemap if canonical link is given as a relative url

v4.4 Released September 13

Retina screen compatible
OSX Mavericks tested and supported

Main window's Toolbar redesigned in line with Apple's human interface guidelines and for retina screen compatibility
Adds toolbar controls (show / hide / customise) to main View menu

Minimum system requirements OSX 10.5. 10.4 users should not upgrade to v4.4, for compatibility with newer systems it uses features not available in 10.4
Small fixes and improvements:
- now indents data for expandable views when exported as csv, html


Full version history for Scrutiny (The full history is also in the release notes included in the app's dmg file)