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  • This screenshot shows the new graphing functionality, available in v6.1
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  • Address labels
  • This screenshot shows the Checkout interface being used with a touch-screen and the Keystrokes on-screen keyboard

Please note that we are supporting existing users but not selling any new licences for this app.

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If you have a mac and a small business then this small but powerful database will keep track of your customers, orders, stock, 'to do' list and has some basic invoice and accounting. My ethos is to keep things as uncomplicated and quick to use as possible, leaving you free to run your business with all information at your fingertips.

Organise is small, self-contained and standalone. It doesn't require you to buy, licence or install any other database application.

Watch a short video made by MacUpdate

New: Organise Pro comes with new free app Report Builder. Since v6.1 has the ability to show you graphs, with two built-in reports as examples - Weekly sales and Monthly sales.


Please note that we are supporting existing users but not selling any new licences for this app.

System requirements

From version 7.2, Mac OSX 10.4 (Tiger) no longer supported. Minimum now 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or higher, Intel or ppc. 10.11 (El Capitan) tested and supported (since version 8.1).

10.4 users should use Organise version 7.1 Pro


This is an infographic showing how everything links together. (click to enlarge)

Download custom reports

reports are 'plugged in' to Organise Pro's report manager. You can create them yourself using this reference guide or the new Organise Report Builder or I can create them for you. Some potentially useful ones are shared below.

You may not be able to click the link to download it, you may need to right-click (control-click) and choose 'save linked file as' or similar.

Save the file in ~Library/Application Support/Organise/Reports and re-start Organise.

(Note that as from 10.7 (Lion) OSX hides your Library folder from you, there are some tricks to get into it, the easiest may be Finder>Go>Go and press your alt key to reveal 'Library')

Name Made by Download
New vs Returning Customers Shiela Dixon New vs Returning Customers.xml
Total shipping collected Shiela Dixon Total Shipping Collected.xml
Total shipping paid Shiela Dixon Total Shipping Paid.xml


Are you interested in sharing a custom report? Contact me


Version History

Full version history for Organise (The full history is also in the release notes included in the app's dmg file)