Report builder for Organise

Small business software for Mac OSX




This free tool is now available and is included in the .dmg for the current version of Organise Pro.

System requirements

Mac OSX 10.4 (Tiger) or higher, Intel or ppc. 10.8 (Mountain Lion) supported.




Download custom reports

reports are 'plugged in' to Organise Pro's report manager. You can create them yourself using this reference guide or the new Organise Report Builder or I can create them for you. Some potentially useful ones are shared below.

You may not be able to click the link to download it, you may need to right-click (control-click) and choose 'save linked file as' or similar.

Save the file in ~Library/Application Support/Organise/Reports and re-start Organise.

(Note that as from 10.7 (Lion) OSX hides your Library folder from you, there are some tricks to get into it, the easiest may be Finder>Go>Go and press your alt key to reveal 'Library')

Name Made by Download
New vs Returning Customers Shiela Dixon New vs Returning Customers.xml
Total shipping collected Shiela Dixon Total Shipping Collected.xml
Total shipping paid Shiela Dixon Total Shipping Paid.xml


Are you interested in sharing a custom report? Contact me


Version History

Version 2.2 - Released Feb 2015

Adds 'conatct2' fields (delivery contact)
Adds new field 'firstname' for billing and delivery addresses (extracted from the name field which is a single field in Organise)
Fixes bug which prevented report from running if the 'select from' popup was on default (orders) and hadn't been touched
RB v2.1 should be used with Organise v7.1 and above

Version 2.1 - Released July 2013

adds 'category' field for Item and 'item:category' for Item purchased
allows 'contains' when selecting (eg "category contains 'magazine'" )
RB v2.1 should be used with Organise v7.1 and above

Version 2 - Released May 2013

Adds new fields relating to Organise version 7
Version 2 of RB is included with Organise 7, version 1 of RB should be used with Organise 6 or earlier

Version 1.1 - Released March 2013

Adds field order:type to itemspurchased

Version 1.0 - Released March 2013

First release