Version History

version 8.2.4 released Sep 2016

version 8.2.2 released May 2016

version 8.2.1 released April 2016

version 8.2 released February 2016

version 8.1.1 January 2016

version 8.1 October 2015

version 8.0.9 July 2015

version 8.0.8 April 2015

version 8.0.7 April 2015

version 8.0.6 March 2015

version 8.0.5 March 2015

version 8.0.4 (now stable release) March 2015

version 8.0.3 (still release candidate) March 2015

version 8.0.2 (still release candidate) March 2015

version 8.0.1 (still release candidate) March 2015

version 8 released as release candidate March 2015


version 7.4.6 Pro released Feb 2015

Small fixes:

version 7.4.5 Pro released Oct 2014

Small fixes:

version 7.4.4 Pro released May 2014

Small fixes:

version 7.4.3 Pro released February 2014

Small fix:

version 7.4.2 Pro released January 2014

fixes and improvements:

version 7.4.1 Pro released January 2014

Important fix

version 7.4 Pro released December 2013

fixes and improvements:

version 7.3 Pro released November 2013

fixes and improvements:

Adds automatic update check:

version 7.2.2 Pro released September 2013

Adds import from Squarespace and Paypal - creates Orders with Contacts, Payments, Items, Items purchased. File > Import > Special >
Adds field (not editable) for transaction ID from squarespace or paypal import. Allowing the reference number to be retained and also to prevent the same order being imported if another import is attempted with the same data or new data that includes the same transaction.

version 7.2.1 Pro released September 2013

Fixes problem caused by trying to generate monthly sales graph with less than a month's data

version 7.2 Pro September 2013

Minimum system requirements OSX 10.5. 10.4 users should not upgrade to v7.2, for compatibility with newer systems it uses features not available in 10.4
Fixes bug causing remaining balance in an Order or in Checkout to be calculated incorrectly if any payment is over 1,000
Main window's Toolbar redesigned in line with Apple's human interface guidelines and for retina screen compatibility
Adds toolbar controls (show / hide / customise) to main View menu

Retina screen compatible
OSX Mavericks tested and supported

version 7.1.1 Pro August 2013

Fixes problem on startup for some new users

version 7.1 Pro August 2013

Improvements for multi-database users:

- allows a display name for the database as well as filename
- allows renaming of databases (changes the display name)
- shows the display name in the database list rather than filename
- displays the database name in the main window title (unless using the default database and no-one's changed its display name)
- allows for a different currency and some other codes for each database (preferences such as currency, currency code, code prefixes are stored in the database rather than user prefs)

Items can be categorised:

- adds 'category' field to Item, allowing more than one category
- allows adding or removing multiple items to a category via a context menu in the Items view
- adds all known categories to the Item filter button
- adds pseudo-field item:category for reports to use, so reports such as Top sellers can select by category

Report manager improvements:

- report manager now understands 'contains' when selecting (eg "category contains 'magazine'" ) (symbol is '()' if not using Report Builder app)
- the separate Report Builder application enhanced to include the new fields and this new option (v2.1)

Bug fixes:

Fixes Contact names sorting by first name rather than surname

version 7.0.3 Pro (no longer Release Candidate) June 2013

- Some small fixes since version 7.

version 7 Pro (as Release Candidate) May 2013

- Removes Deposit / Balance and replaces with multiple payments. Allows for multiple payments, and part-payments made by different methods.
- Existing deposit (if present) and balance fields are converted when version 6.4 is first run. The old fields are kept in the database. If user returns to older version, these fields will still be present, but any orders created using the new version won't have those fields.
- Adds field 'balanceremaining' which is a calculation of what's owed taking into account the new-style payments.
- Adds field 'totaldue' which is a total of everything with tax and shipping before any payments have been made. Is not reduced by any payments that have been made. For that use balanceremaining
- Exsting stationery (invoices etc) will still work as far as possible. The new version won't replace or update them in case you've customised them, but will try to update them. If this isn't successful, or you wish to add the new fields to your templates, see Organise's support pages.
- On existing stationery, the old balance field will be populated with the new 'balanceremaining' field. The deposit field will no longer be populated for new Orders because it doesn't exist on the record. Suggest replacing the fields on your templates with the new template field which will insert the list of payments, dates and payment methods.
- Adds 'Import Report' to File menu ready for App store (sandboxed) version which doesn't allow communication between Organise and the Report Builder app.

version 6.3 Pro released April 2013

- - Improves database switching in the Prefs > Advanced tab. Encourages creating of databases within the application's support folder. This is in preparation for release on the App Store (sandboxing dictates data is stored in app's own container). And also in preparation for iCloud storage of database / sharing across devices. This doesn't prevent creation or use of databases elsewhere, which is still currently necessary if you want to see the same database from separate machines
- Adds new internal field to Item Purchased, order:type. This allows reports to differentiate between Items Purchased appearing on Orders and those appearing on Purchase Orders. Also allows custom reports to select Items appearing on Purchase Orders
- Tweaks two built-in reports (Current Items Purchased and Top Sellers) to make use of the new field above and thus correct a problem. Existing users will have to delete these two reports to prompt Organise to save an updated version. If you have customised these or have custom reports which use the itemspurchased table, please contact support for details of how to correct these
- Main views (Contacts, Orders, Items, Time management) allow multiple selection for deletion of any number of items at once
- Adds a limited undo buffer to those views - the last deletion can be undone, but the buffer is killed by adding a new item because difficult to nicely handle IDs and sequential numbers in that situation
- Adds undo / redo to some of the bigger text fields (comments / description etc)
- Adds some fields for use on Templates - <currencysymbol> , <currencycode> and <taxrate> (taxrate prints the standard (code S) rate). Built-in templates have been updated to include these but existing users will have to add these fields to their installed and custom templates if they want to use them
- Note change to Order's taxrate field. It used to store the taxrate as it was when that Order was created. This is no longer stored on the Order because Organise now allows more than one tax rate. But can be used as a special field on Templates and will pull the standard (code S) rate
- Fixes bug affecting generating of invoices from checkout interface
- smartened up application icon, retina-screen compatible

version 6.2.2 Pro released April 2013

- fixes bug causing changes not to appear if a contact is edited from within an order
- correctly resets the next sequential id after creation of an order is cancelled, or if the last one created is deleted
- fixes bug which sometimes caused a hang after a Purchase order was marked 'goods received' and then 'OK'd

version 6.2.1 Pro released March 2013

- fixes bug causing failure to open app if 'Money out' table was sorted by reference number when last closed.
- fixes bug causing some numbers to be rounded up when running on Mountain Lion 10.8
- works around Apple's 10.8 bug preventing localising of numbers (decimal and thousand separators) being picked up from system preferences

version 6.2 Pro released March 2013

- Adds ability for Report builder's 'Run' button to open Organise and run the report
- Report Builder (new free app) included in Organise Pro dmg
- Fixes problem with date selection in Accounts/Money in
- makes report manager a bit more robust and tolerant to unexpected items in the data or invalid user selections (eg selecting a period of a week for a 'by month' graph)

version 6.1 Pro released February 2013

- Adds ability for Report Manager to generate graphs
- Adds two built-in reports - Weekly sales and Monthly sales, both with date selection
- When exported to csv, txt or html, these graph reports will export their data, ie two columns, date and data.
- Adds 'tip of the day' which appears on startup. Can be switched on or off in prefs as well as the tip window
- Adds all Order statuses to the filter button, so as to easily show a list of all Orders with a particular status

version 6 Pro & Lite, released January 2013 (4 weeks as release candidate)

- improves handling of sales tax. Previous version allowed you to set a single rate (code S = standard) and had Z (zero) and E (exempt) hard-coded in. Now if you choose to use the sales tax functionality, four codes are set for you in line with these UK codes (plus L for lower 5% rate). If you're in another country or if the rules change, these can be edited or new ones added.
- improves handling of decimal numbers in line with user's location and system preferences. Previously Organise was unusable in countries that don't use a point '.' as a decimal separator
- Allows reports to be printed using a customisable template (which work the same way as existing templates). As an example, a new report with a template is built in - "Outstanding balance for open customer" which generates a statement addressed to that customer showing all orders which are unpaid, with a total.
- contact fields within an Order are selectable, so that you can copy information directly from that tab.
- fixes tax code and variation of Items sold not being copied when an order is copied (eg during a recurrence or one-off copy)
- fixes company contact phone extension not being saved properly
- company contact phone extension field relabeled 'Extension / direct'
- fixes 'visit website' button of company

version 5.6.2 Pro & Lite

- One version, code signed with Shiela Dixon's digital certificate to keep OSX 10.8's Gatekeeper happy (with settings set to 'Mac App Store and identified developers' or lower)
(Previously, code signed version was a separate build)
- Fixes bug preventing contacts from being connected to order if using checkout interface
- Fixes bug preventing balance from being updated if partial amount tendered using checkout interface
- Fixes new 'total items purchased' field not being calculated in checkout view
- Puts cursor in picker window (select contact, item etc) search box to save a mouse click

version 5.6.1 Pro

- Part number field ('part') of item wasn't available to import.

version 5.6 Pro & Lite released November 2012

- Separate billing and delivery addresses. If no delivery address, assumed to be the same as billing address.
- For data already in the database, the address that's already connected to an order will be considered the billing address and delivery address is set to the default 'same as billing address'. The extra fields are available to reports and templates
- For people who already have templates configured, only minor adjustments will be needed. See documentation for full field list, but for example, the current which is the old contact name and new billing contact name - just needs to be altered to to make it the delivery contact name.
- Adds more fields available to custom stationery. and their 'contact2' counterparts all work
- Adds new template - 'Delivery note' which uses delivery address and doesn't display prices. Existing Invoice / Invoice with tax will display the billing address.
- Adds field to Order which can be used in reports and on paperwork
- Fixes some instability and strange effects related to contacts connected to companies
- Fixes a crash at startup related to hidden columns
- Toolbar on generated invoices etc always shows even if previously hidden
- Fixes problem with 'Select supplier' button on Item.

version 5.5 Pro & Lite released September 2012

Easier invoice customisation
- options for customisation are available via new tab in prefs
- allows for background image - set by dragging and dropping image file
- no longer necessary to find the css file to alter the table properties, editable directly in the dialog via prefs
- the 'edit template' button will now simply open the selected template for editing rather than the enclosing folder as previously
- adds 'copy template' and 'delete template' to help manage your templates without doing it in Finder

Adds 'undo' and 'redo' to generated invoice

Adds options for sorting by code. (Item code and Order code). As this is an alphanumeric field no option will be ideal for everyone, so now allows choice of sorting alphabetically, numerically (with letters ignored if present) and numerically (based on id number, which is the default value for that field)

Now includes order number in the search when search box above orders is used

Integration with Address Book - allows selection of contact from AB, and those contacts (as long as the ref number isn't altered) then allow updating from AB
Rolls out advanced searching to main search boxes - words typed are treated as separate words rather than one phrase. This feature has been in the contact and item picker window for several versions.

Code signed version is now available for Mountain Lion users. This contains my developer certificate so Gatekeeper will allow you to install and run it without question

version 5.4 Pro & Lite released July 2012

Sort routines re-written and option added to have new items at the top of lists (button in Preferences). This new option is the default
Number and date columns sort as expected in all tables
Unlocking a locked database can be done (after warnings and checks) via File>Database or from the 'locked database' dialog at startup. No more need to find the database and delete the lock file manually
Adds field "Part" to Item which is intended to be a manufacturer's or supplier's code
item 'Brand' added to Items Purchased table - can be switched on in preferences
Improves calculation of hours / days from dates and times entered on a Task (previously refused to calculate if times were entered but no dates)
Increases default width of generated invoices etc so the table is less likely to be squashed and text wrapped
Adds alternating row background to all tables
New application icon

version 5.3.3 Pro & Lite released June 2012

Recurring and copied orders initially have status set as 'flagged' (previously status was copied from original order)
Fixes bug preventing stock from being decreased when order is duplicated

version 5.3.2 Pro & Lite released May 2012

Adds 'variation' column to Items purchased
Adds 'Columns' tab to Organise Preferences for customisation of table columns for Orders and Items Purchased
Fixes some problems with some columns being empty in picker windows
Adds 'variation' column to Items purchased. This can be turned off in invoices etc. if not required
Fixes supplier button on Item
On a purchase order, when picking items to order, list is filtered by the supplier if one has been selected as a contact
On a purchase order, 'Invoice sent' is now more appropriately 'Order placed'
Customer ref / account number can now be added to Invoices and other stationery

version 5.3.1 Pro & Lite released Apr 2012

Fixes various crashes experienced when Accounts management (Pro option) is turned off

version 5.3 Pro released Mar 2012

Date selection added to Report Manager (pro)
Purchase orders added, similar to Orders, prices are cost price and tax is calculated accordingly, more details in the manual
New column, item code, added to Order & Purchase order
'1 day' added to date selection on Report Manager and Accounts so can now show a single day's data
Fixes bug which meant that Items Ordered were only saved to database when app was quit meaning small chance of data loss if computer failed or Organise quit unexpectedly
new field 'dateAdded' added to Items Ordered and (for reports) 'order:date' meaning reports can be written to show stock needed to fill orders taken between given time periods
new field - reference / account number for contacts:. By default populated with a sequential number and an optional prefix as with the Order and Item code numbers, and can be edited. Existing contact will be populated with a sequential number
Allows table columns on the invoice / purchase order to be hidden - instructions added to manual
CSV export better handles unexpected characters in data
improvement to picker window (select contact, select time, select item) - double-click an item to choose it, shows more columns, window can be resized
'Variation' column added to Item main list
Vat rate was rounding to two decimal places, now allows as many as are necessary (US rate is 3 decimal places)

version 5.2.2 Lite & Pro released Feb 2012

When selecting a contact for an order or an Item to add to an order, the search box now searches all fields on the item or contact rather than just the ones showing in the table
The enhancement above allows barcode scanners to be used to select the Item by scanning a barcode on the actual item
Fixes bug causing errors with calculated values if certain numbers are above 1,000 and use a comma thousand separator. Places affected were: list of items purchased on an Order (total calculated from qty and price) and reports, eg Stocktake and Reorder quantities. Fields quantity, optimum quantity, cost price and selling price can now support values containing a comma separator or not (although a formatter forces a comma separator on cost & selling price)
Fixes two bugs when duplicating order by 'one-off copy' or scheduled recurrence. Contact was not being copied properly and if the Order wasn't being opened immediately then the order date was not being completed properly (contained the word 'today' which was only being translated to a date when the duplicate order was first opened)
Cleans up attachments and restores item quantities if an order being created is cancelled before being saved

version 5.2.1 Lite & Pro released Feb 2012

Allows 'offline browsing' - a read-only database can be copied to another computer and the data accessed with the computers disconnected (pro)
New template provided: 'Estimate'
New report: 'New vs Returning customers' for any given time period (Pro)
Report builder guide is now included in the manual for technically-minded users or developers who would like to develop reports which may be of use to others. (pro)
Updates the Prefs section of the manual to include colour highlighting of orders
New field added to Orders - 'newCustomer' - not visible and completed automatically, can be used in reports. Existing orders cannot be populated so will have the default value 'Not known'
New pseudo field added to Orders - 'one' returns the value '1'. This can be used in custom reports to count orders with particular values in a given field. See 'collation' in the Report builder guide in the manual
The website export for Items is now documented for other developers wishing to develop content management system or any other app to use the Item data
Omitted from v5.2 - new 'country' field is implemented in contact paste and default invoice templates
Report manager is more tolerant - custom reports will work if they have the extension 'xml', 'txt' or no extension. Will no longer crash if unexpected file extension is encountered

version 5.2 Lite & Pro released January 2012

Adds export of items as data feed file for Google Product Search (Pro only because it uses Data manager)
Adds ability to customise the <itemsordered> table of invoice template (instructions in manual)
Adds report - "Invoices sent but not paid"
Allows customisation of main window's toolbar
Adds country field to contacts and companies
Adds brand field to items
Adds currency code to Preferences (eg GBP, EUR, USD), used in Google product search export
Adds 'pdf' button to custom invoice, creates and saves pdf and attaches it to the order
Adds export option for all tables - tab-delimited text file
Double-clicking an item in Reports opens the relevant item if possible (Pro)
New contact no longer shows spurious items in 'Items Ordered' list

version 5.1.4 Lite & Pro released January 2012

Fixes scrolling problems with various table views
Fixes problem with saving company name properly
Import routine added for Contacts, Orders, Items and received Invoices (Pro only)
Guides for import routine, custom invoices and custom reports added to v5 manual

version 5.1.3 Lite & Pro released January 2012

Improvements to checkout interface (Adds 'payment method; fixes 'View contact' button; fixes Close and New buttons; saves without asking if an amount has been tendered; click the amount due in the tender window to tender the full amount; return key OK's tender window; tax code added)
Showing items purchased on Generated stationery is now on by default
Policy change re closing forms - cmd-W is enabled for forms (Order, Contact etc). Assumption is made that if a form is closed (without cancel or OK being pressed) new information is to be saved
Quickstart video produced - added to dmg file, website support page, manual and help menu
Installation instructions added to dmg file

version 5.1.2 Lite & Pro released Dec 2011

Further improvements to sales tax functionality. Money in and Money out tabs of Accounts manager now show a column for tax received and paid for any period.
Additional time period of 'Three months' added to Accounts manager filter.

version 5.1.1 Lite & Pro released Dec 2011

Improvements to default Invoices (If you have tried an earlier version and have not already customised the invoice, you may have to delete the file 'Invoice.rftd at ~/Library/Application Support/Organise/Stationary to force Organise to re-install)
Custom Customer types now show in customer filter button
Order recurrence now includes 'fortnightly'

version 5.1 Lite Released November 2011

All of the features of 5.1 Pro
Free to use
First 'Lite' version - shows Contacts, Orders and Items (stock / inventory). Won't show Pro features; Time management, Accounts management, Reporting and Database management.

version 5.1 Pro Released November 2011

Improves database opening time. An indexing job which was being done while db opened is now done in the background after the application has opened. The job may take very little time for small database and several seconds for larger databases. Until it has finished, certain searches will not be complete, eg the list of orders accessed via the Contact form and a search for orders by customer name.
When selecting an Item to add to an Order or a contact for that order, the search box for contact picker and item picker will treat words typed into the box as separate words rather than searching for the whole phrase
Inventory filter defaults to 'all'. 'In stock' is selectable. Used to be the other way around.

version 5.02 Pro (June 2011 - not general release) Fixes company 'OK' button
Fixes export of contacts

version 5.01 Pro (April 2011 - not general release) Small fix to image well of Item
adds ability to switch database location - greyed out in some builds, intention is to make this a 'paid for' feature.
fixes bug in alarm which can't be turned off if alarm is overdue when app is started.

version 4.11 Pro Released March 2011
- Small fix to 'supplier' button of Item

version 4.1 Pro Released Oct 2010
- More advanced handling of sales tax (VAT)
- - items are assumed to be standard rate (S) by default
- - Note that if you have been using the tax functionality previously, the selling price of an item was assumed to be exclusive, and in this version it is assumed to be inclusive.
Previously, the Order form calculated the tax and added it to arrive at a gross figure. Now it calculates it and deducts it to arrive at a net figure.
- - Shipping is included in calculation for tax amount

version 4.01 Pro Released Sept 2010
- Fixes bug which prevented export of Reports section
- Fixes bug which caused some tables to fail on csv export
- CSV now utf8 encoded rather than ascii

version 4.0 Pro Released 19 May 2010 -
Major release because of major efficiency improvements. Users with bigger databases will notice:
- faster starting
- smaller file size for database
- smoother scrolling
- faster opening of contacts
Some of these improvements will be noticable after opening and quitting Organise once.
Colour flagging: for some time it's been possible to make your own list of 'statuses' for an Order. With v4 you can assign colours to these statuses, and orders will be marked with these colours in the main view. For example, you can create a status called 'flagged' and set the colour to red for that status. You can create statuses such as 'payment overdue' or 'item to be returned' and highlight these with special colours.
New field - 'payment method: web | card | cash | cheque' (can be shown on invoice / receipt and reported on)
Button added to contact - 'paste' allows you to copy a whole address from somewhere else and paste into the name, address and postcode fields all at once. Main window shows date column
Date columns sorted by date rather than alphanumerically
Adds report called 'Stocktake'. Lists your inventory and adds up the total (cost) value

version 3.1 Pro Released 19 October 2008 -
fixes bug preventing correct totalling in 'Money out' where individual amounts are over 1,000.00
Adds 'year' to recurrece options (ie for annual charges or subscriptions)
Fixes bug preventing contact filter (Customer/Supplier/All drop-down) from working properly
'Help' ilnk fixed
Manual updated to include recurrence

version 3.01 Pro Released as Beta 23 March 2008 -
expiry date set for middle of May
fixes bug preventing correct totalling in reports / accounts where individual amounts are over 1,000.00

version 3 Pro Released as Beta 23 March 2008 -
Checkout interface added.
Fixes bug where new contact created from within Order is created but not attached to the order properly.

version 2.4.1 Pro Released 15 March 2008 -
Context help buttons updated and new ones added. Online manual updated.
Check for updates menu item updated to point to new peacockmedia website.

version 2.4 Pro Released 1 March 2008 -
Image field added to Item, with comments now on a separate tab, consistent with Contacts
Now possible to generate any number of custom stationary / letters based on the selected order. Two editable templates are built in; invoice and polite reminder. Others can be added.

version 2.3 Pro Released 1 February 2008 -
Adds total column to 'Money Out' table
Adds new Statement feature - displays totals from 'Money In' and 'Money Out' and the difference between the two
Adds recurrence of orders. Any order can be set to repeat weekly or monthly. A new button allows a one-off copy of any order.
Allows configuration of accounts categories and order statuses. note that the status 'Complete' is used by the 'Incomplete' filter and so the filter can't work if this status is taken out
Facelift - new toolbar icons and unified window/toolbar
Fixes problem double-clicking to edit items in the products ordered table under Leopard

version 2.2.5 Pro Released 23 July 2007 -
Fixes problem with File > Print. Click in any field or table and choose File > Print (command P) to print the contents of that field or table.
Adds 'selling price' column to main Items table

version 2.2.4 Pro Released 2 June 2007 -
Removed beta and expiry date

version 2.2.3 Pro (Beta) Released 10 May 2007 -
Collation functionality added to report manager
'Top Sellers' report added to package.

version 2.2.2 Pro (Beta) Released 9 May 2007 -
New column (qty) added to Items table.
User can customise table views by rearranging and resizing columns. Changes to table views are now saved and reloaded.
Bug fixed preventing fresh orders from retaining items, even though the item's qty may have been reduced.
Bug fixed preventing total column of items purchased table totalling properly sometimes.

version 2.2.2 Pro (Beta) Released 9 May 2007 -
New column (qty) added to Items table.
User can customise table views by rearranging and resizing columns. Changes to table views are now saved and reloaded.
Bug fixed preventing fresh orders from retaining items, even though the item's qty may have been reduced.
Bug fixed preventing total column of items purchased table totalling properly sometimes.

version 2.2.1 Pro (Beta) Released 1 May 2007 -
Small bug fixes

Version 2.2 Pro (Beta) Released April 2007 -
Time Management, Data Management and Accounts management added.
Time management takes the old 'to do' list and adds start date and time, end date and time, total time (with ability to calculate), rate (cost of time per hour or per day), and total charge (with ability to calculate). Time items are called tasks. Can be used to keep a simple to do list, or time logging against an order.
Tasks can be added to the 'items purchased' list on an Order, so that time can be logged and then shown on the invoice for that order.
Tasks can give an alarm (screen alert) when end date and time is reached.
Square buttons throughout the application have been removed in favour of ordinary textual push buttons which are easier to understand.
Bug fixed which sometimes incorrectly gave 'No Contacts in Database'

Version 2.0.1 Lite (Beta) Released Dec 2006 - Fixes some problems with contacts linking to companies.

Version 2.0 Lite (Beta) Released Dec 2006 - Cut-down, back-to-basics version, rewritten in Obj-C cocoa and built as UB.