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v12.7.4 May 2023 (free Integrity only)

v12.7.2 April 2023

v12.7.3 April 2023 (Integrity Pro only)

v12.7.2 April 2023

v12.7.1 March 2023

v12.7.0 February 2023

v12.4.5 September 2022

v12.4.3 September 2022

v12.4.0 August 2022

v12.3.16 July 2022

v12.3.15 July 2022

v12.3.14 June 2022

v12.3.13 June 2022 (Integrity Pro)

v12.3.11 June 2022

v12.3.10 June 2022

v12.3.9 June 2022

v12.3.6 May 2022

v12.3.5 May 2022

v12.3.3 April 2022

v12.3.2 April 2022

v12.3.1 (unreleased)

v12.3.0 April 2022

v12.2.3 April 2022

v12.2.2 April 2022

v12.2.1 April 2022

v12.2.0 March 2022

v12.1.1 March 2022

v12.1.0 March 2022

v12.0.5 March 2022

v12.0.4 February 2022

v12.0.3 (beta) February 2022

v12.0.2 (beta) January 2022

v12.0.1 (beta) January 2022

v12.0 (skipping v11) (beta) January 2022

v10.4.13 January 2022

v10.4.11 January 2022

v10.4.10 December 2021

v10.4.9 December 2021

v10.4.8 November 2021

v10.4.7 November 2021

v10.4.5 October 2021

v10.4.4 September 2021

v10.4.3 September 2021

v10.4.1 August 2021

v10.4.0 August 2021

v10.3.18 August 2021

v10.3.17 July 2021

v10.3.15 July 2021

v10.3.14 June 2021

v10.3.10 June 2021

v10.3.9 May 2021

v10.3.5 April 2021

v10.3.2 March 2021

v10.3.1 March 2021

v10.2.1 February 2021

  • Fixes filter button and sorting on new Warnings table.
  • v10.1.0 January 2021 (Integrity Pro only)

    v10.0.5 January 2021 (Integrity Pro only)

    v10.0.4 January 2021 (Integrity Pro only)

    Version 10 adds HTML Validation and other fixes and enhancements

    Other new features:

    Full list of possible html validation warnings (so far):

    unclosed div, p
    extra closing div, p
    extra closing a
    p within h1/h2...h6
    h1/h2...h6 within p
    more than one doctype / body
    no doctype / html / body /
    no closing body / html
    unterminated / nested link tag
    script tag left unclosed
    comment left unclosed
    end p with open span
    block level element XXX cannot be within inline element XXX (currently limited to div/footer/header/nav/p within a/script/span but will be expanded to recognise more elements )
    '=' within unquoted src or href url
    image without alt text. (This is an accessibility, html validation and SEO issue. The full list of images without alt text can also be found in Scrutiny's SEO results.)
    more than one canonical

    Warnings that are not html validation:

    The server has returned 429 and asked us to retry after a delay of x seconds (a number of these indicates that you need to rate-limit your scan )
    (if 'check anchors' is switched on) a link contains an anchor which hasn't been found on the target page
    The page's canonical url is disallowed by robots.txt
    link url is disallowed by robots.txt
    The link url is a relative link with too many '../' which technically takes the url above the root domain.
    (if 'flag blacklisted' option switched on) The link url is blacklisted by a blacklist / whitelist rule. (default is off) With this option on, the link is coloured red in the link views, even if warnings are totally disabled.

    v9.14.3 December 2020

    General Enhancements and updates

    v9.14.2 December 2020

    v9.13.3 November 2020

    v9.13.2 October 2020

    (All of these updates relate to Integrity Plus and Pro but not the free Integrity)

    v9.12.4 October 2020

    v9.12.3 October 2020

    v9.12.2 September 2020

    v9.12.0 September 2020

    Improvements concerning robots.txt and warnings:

    v9.10.0 September 2020 (unreleased)

    v9.8.5 August 2020

    v9.8.4 August 2020

    v9.8.2 July 2020

    v9.8.1 June 2020

    v9.7.1 May 2020

    v9.6.9 May 2020

    v9.6.6 May 2020

    v9.6.5 May 2020

    v9.6.4 (Pro only) April 2020

    v9.6.3 (Plus and Pro) April 2020

    v9.6.1 (Plus and Pro) April 2020

    Improvements to exporting functionality:

    v9.5.7 March 2020

    v9.5.6 March 2020

    v9.5.5 March 2020

    v9.5.4 February 2020

    v9.5.3 February 2020

    v9.5.2 February 2020

    (Plus and Pro)

    v9.5.1 February 2020

    v9.5 February 2020

    9.5 also fixes

    v9.4.3 January 2020

    v9.4.2 January 2020

    v9.4.1 January 2020

    v9.3.6 January 2020

    v9.3.5 November 2019

    v9.3.4 November 2019

    v9.3.2 October 2019

    v9.3.1 October 2019

    v9.3.0 October 2019

    v9.2.0 September 2019

    v9.1.1 September 2019

    v9.1.0 August 2019

    v9.0.12 August 2019

    v9.0.11 released August 2019

    v9.0.7 released August 2019

    v9.0.6 released July 2019

    v9.0.5 released July 2019

    v9.0.4 released July 2019

    Version 9 adds:

    v8.3.15 released May 2019

    v8.3.13 released May 2019

    v8.3.7 released April 2019

    v8.3.4 released March 2019

    v8.3.2 released March 2019

    v8.2.5 (app store release only) released March 2019

    v8.2.3 released February 2019

    v8.2.2 released February 2019

    v8.2.1 released January 2019

    v8.2.0 released January 2019

    v8.1.21 released January 2019

    v8.1.20 released December 2018

    v8.1.19 released November 2018

    v8.1.18 released November 2018

    v8.1.16 released November 2018

    v8.1.15 released October 2018


    Released October 2018


    Released September 2018


    Released September 2018


    Released August 2018


    Released August 2018


    Released August 2018


    Released August 2018












    8.0.8 (codename 'Roland')

    8.0.85: 8.0.86: 8.0.87:




    8.0.4 (becomes full release, no longer beta)

    8.0.3 (beta)

    8.0.2 (beta)


    8.0 (beta)

    Version 8 rewrites some of the underlying data structures and collects more information about your links. The biggest changes won't be visible, but the app should be more efficient, and cut out some potentially long background tasks after the scan and after re-checking links.

    For more detail, see




    (6.11.15 was a release to the app store only, the issue didn't affect web version)


    v6.11.8 released October 2017 (Integrity Plus only)

    v6.11.7 released October 2017

    v6.11.5 released September 2017

    v6.11.4 released September 2017

    v6.11.3 released August 2017

    v6.11.2 released August 2017

    v6.11.1 released August 2017

    v6.11.0 released August 2017

    v6.10.2 released August 2017

    v6.10.1 released July 2017

    v6.10.0 released July 2017


    v6.9.1 released June 2017

    v6.9 released June 2017

    v6.8.25 released May 2017

    v6.8.24 released April 2017


    A number of fixes around the sitemap functionality, exclusion of pages from the sitemap and canonical urls:

    Other small fixes



























    v6.1.2 (changes relating to Integrity Plus only)


    v6.1 (1)

    improvements inherited from v6 engine:

    v6.0.13 (1)

    v6.0.12 Released Nov 2015

    v5.4.5 Released Sept 2015

    v5.4.4 Released Sept 2015

    Improvements around xml sitemap (Integrity plus)

    v5.4.2 Released Sept 2015

    v5.4 Released July 2015

    v5.3.1 Released July 2015

    v5.3 Released June 2015

    Some fixes and improvements to xml sitemap:

    Other fixes / enhancements

    v5.2 Released June 2015

    v5.1.9 Released June 2015

    v5.1.8 Released June 2015

    Some changes designed to help crawl very, very large websites: Other enhancements Fixes

    Version History

    v5.1.7 Released June 2015

    v5.1.6 Released June 2015

    v5.1.5 Released June 2015

    Enhancements: Fixes:

    v5.1.1 Released April 2015

    v5.1.0 Released January 2015

    v5.0.12 Released Dec 2014

    v5.0.11 Released Dec 2014

    v5.0.10 Released Dec 2014

    v5.0.9 Released Dec 2014

    v5.0.8 Released Nov 2014

    v5.0.7 Released Sept 2014

    A number of enhancements relating to character encoding: Other enhancements and fixes:

    v5.0.6 Released August 2014

    v5.0.5 Released August 2014

    v5.0.4 Released August 2014

    v5.0.3 Released June 2014

    v5.0.2 Released June 2014

    v5.0 Released May 2014

    v4.5.3 Released January 2014

    v4.5.2 Released December 2013

    v4.5 Released October 2013

    v4.4.1 Released September 2013

    v4.2.2 Released June 13

    Fixes problem with new link text column in By page view not always displaying accurate data where same link occurs multiple times on same page
    Tweaks how information is displayed in new expandable By link view

    v4.2.1 Released June 13

    Fixes crash on launch for some existing users

    v4.2 Released June 13

    improvements to interface:
    - Changes the 'by link' view to an expandable view, occurrences can be seen by expanding view rather than as previously having to open the link inspector
    - Link inspector still appears on double-click from link views and is improved
    - Adds context menus to the 'by link' and 'by page' views and the 'appears on' table in the link inspector - a number of actions can be performed with a right-click (or control-click) including 'Copy URL' and where appropriate Visit, Highlight and Locate
    - The new Copy URL action is available with a command-C and will copy the URL of the selected item
    - A new Locate action lists how to click through from the starting url to find the link in question. It is available via context menus, the link inspector and cmd-shift-L
    - Adds 'link text' column to 'by page' view
    - Change to wording: 'on page' now 'appears on'
    - Changes default for highlighting a link on the page - now looks like highlighter pen rather than a box around it (changes prefs defaults to 'background' rather than 'border', and changes the default colour to yellow rather than dark grey - ie (existing users can select this option in prefs if they like))

    Ignores and continues if 'bad SSL certificate' warning is encountered. But only for the website being tested. (anything else, ie external links, won't be followed anyway)
    If image checking is switched on, now collects alt text and displays in 'link text' columns
    Some options removed from Preferences>Views>By Link view (Status, URL, On Page) because these are needed for the new outline view to work properly
    Exporting from 'by link' view better than previously. (was putting all 'on page' information in a single cell to reflect the view - led to problems due to Excel's 256-character limit)
    Export added to by Page view
    Exports from expandable views reflect the state of the view, ie which rows are expanded or not

    v4.1.1 Released April 13

    Adds 'bad links only' checkbox (was possible to toggle bad links / all links using menu or toolbar button. This new checkbox makes the option more obvious if toolbar not showing and for similarity to Scrutiny)
    Adds filter drop-down list (All, Internal, External, Images) and search box above all views
    If flagging blacklisted urls, then the highlight colour used is orange or the warning colour (was red or bad link colour). Not an error so inappropriate to use an error colour.

    v4.0.4 Released February 13

    Fixes problems creating black/whitelist rules on first run with no settings saved
    Correctly sets window to edited (dirty spot in red button) when black/whitelist rules are changed, triggering prompt to save when switching settings

    Version 4.0.3

    Small fixes, full release February 2013

    Version 4

    released January 2013

    Major improvements to the data storage and engine meaning that even small sites will crawl more quickly and large sites will crawl very much more quickly without slowing down or losing responsiveness
    When stop button is pressed, all open threads are abandoned, and then recreated if 'continue' is pressed. Gives a much better user experience
    Routines for 'by page' view re-written to avoid apparent hanging at the end of the crawl of a big site
    Adds new settings to Preferences, allows setting of some limits - default to 200,000 links. Offering the option of limiting the crawl of a large site (maybe better achieved by using blacklist / whitelist rules) but also a safety valve to prevent crashing due to running out of resources when crawling very large sites
    If starting crawl within a directory, crawl is limited to that directory, ie crawl will go down a directory structure but not up. This matches users' expectations. Previously, crawl extended to all pages in the same domain
    Blacklist and whitelist boxes replaced by a more user-friendly table of rules (existing data will be presented in the new way)
    Moves 'check links on custom error pages' to settings rather than global preferences
    Increases maximum number of threads from 30 to 40 (will improve crawling for some sites) with the default now 12 rather than 7. Extreme left (labelled 'fewer') is still a single thread.

    Version 4.0.3

    Small fixes, full release February 2013

    Version 4

    released as Release Candidate January 2013

    Major improvements to the data storage and engine meaning that even small sites will crawl more quickly and large sites will crawl very much more quickly without slowing down or losing responsiveness
    When stop button is pressed, all open threads are abandoned, and then recreated if 'continue' is pressed. Gives a much better user experience
    Routines for 'by page' view re-written to avoid apparent hanging at the end of the crawl of a big site
    Adds new settings to Preferences, allows setting of some limits - default to 200,000 links. Offering the option of limiting the crawl of a large site (maybe better achieved by using blacklist / whitelist rules) but also a safety valve to prevent crashing due to running out of resources when crawling very large sites
    If starting crawl within a directory, crawl is limited to that directory, ie crawl will go down a directory structure but not up. This matches users' expectations. Previously, crawl extended to all pages in the same domain
    Blacklist and whitelist boxes replaced by a more user-friendly table of rules (existing data will be presented in the new way)
    Moves 'check links on custom error pages' to settings rather than global preferences
    Increases maximum number of threads from 30 to 40 (will improve crawling for some sites) with the default now 12 rather than 7. Extreme left (labelled 'fewer') is still a single thread.

    Version 3.9.1 / 3.9.2 / 3.9.3

    Small fixes

    Version 3.9

    released September 2012

    New view - 'Links by page' shows hierarchical view of your site's pages with its links below All statuses are shown for redirected links rather than just the final one
    Sorting available on all tables
    efficiencies making crawl quicker and more memory-efficient, increasing the maximum size of site that can be crawled in one go
    Blacklisted urls can be flagged (option added to preferences)
    Adds 'Clear and Re-start' to File menu
    Fixes context help 'i' button for timeout and delay fields
    German localisation removed as had become out of date

    Version 3.8.6

    released August 2012

    Fix to avoid problem experienced sometimes when pasting in a url from elsewhere
    Links relative to scheme eg // (see section 4.2) handled better - previously problem if the page's base href was given in this format
    Fixes last used settings not being saved properly
    Toolbar pause button removed and role now taken by Go button
    Uses alternating rows in tables
    fixes redirected urls (3xx) not being highlighted yellow
    Removes good colour from Preferences (to allow for stripey views)

    Version 3.8.5

    released June 2012

    Adds support for telephone links such as tel: and skype: (now recognised and skipped rather than reported as an error)
    Fixes bug relating crawling local sites introduced in 3.8.4
    Fixes problem with crawling local sites if they are stored in the root Library folder
    Fixes bug causing special characters such as ü, ö, ä in page title or link text being altered to u, o, a when exported. All exports (.dot, .csv, .tdl, .html) now export using utf-8 character encoding. Note that in line with web standards (RFC 1738) Integrity and Scrutiny don't support non-ascii characters in urls

    Version 3.8.4

    released May 2012

    Fixes problem of xml sitemap not reading user's setting for update frequency
    Fixes a bug which could cause hanging or crashes in certain circumstances
    Fixes problem with thread counting, faster crawling

    Version 3.8.3

    released May 2012

    Fixes spurious text appearing in 'Link text' for links on images where the images alt = '' (empty string)
    Fixes bug preventing proper construction of urls where base href = "/"
    Fixes bug affecting checking of broken images where image has src = "" and improved handling of empty quotes if that option is switched on
    Fixes problem of crawl or 'recheck broken links' not always finishing properly
    Fixes potential crash under certain circumstances (involving redirect, url having trailing slash and settings set to ignore trailing slashes)
    Fixes bug affecting checking of broken images where image has src = "" and improved handling of empty quotes if that option is switched on
    Default link check timeout shortened to 30s
    Fixes bug preventing images from being found if 'src' doesn't follow 'img' in the html

    Version 3.8.1

    released April 2012

    Fixes comma or trailing comma in blacklist fields preventing proper crawl
    Adds preference to ignore trim leading or trailing spaces or mismatched quotes from a url
    Fixes global prefs not being saved properly
    When crawling locally, fixes 'file is directory' status being included in bad links
    Some fixes to the 're-check bad links'. (Was causing crash sometimes since last release)
    Highlighting link on page feature is switchable between highlighting and simply visiting page. Default is the latter.
    Fixes problem of throbber sometimes continuing to turn when crawl or re-check has finished

    Version 3.8

    released March 2012

    Adds 'Ignore trailing slash' button to settings, can be set per site, set to 'yes' by default
    Fixes a problem preventing crawling of pages if braces { } are present in the url
    When crawling local files, directories are not reported as an error (as long as the directory exists)
    'Customize' added to toolbar (although this has been dropped by Apple from Lion 10.7 onwards so will only appear in 10.4 -> 10.6)
    Options for sitemap update frequency 'daily', 'weekly', 'monthly' etc altered to lowercase for compliance with the sitemap standard
    Two versions now maintained, one built for distribution via web (10.4 - 10.7 supported) and one certified and built for distribution via App Store (10.5 to 10.latest supported). The latter will have a .1 at the end of the version number in the About box, eg is the App Store version. Both remain free
    App Store version has Lion features such as full-screen mode

    Version 3.7.5

    released March 2012

    Fixes bug preventing settings from being saved
    Small changes for compliance with App Store

    Version 3.7.4

    released February 2012

    Sends referrer header field for every request (other than the starting url) - this fixes a very small number of odd bugs
    'Open local file' is added to the File menu. Functionality to crawl a site locally or import a list of links did exist in previous versions and was documented, but wasn't very accessible as it relied on a drag and drop into the starting url field (which still works and is to be improved in a future version)
    Clears data from flat link view before starting a new crawl
    Improves re-check broken links - now correctly uses as many threads as are set in settings and fixes problem preventing it from finishing every time. Also small fix to prevent it going into a loop if button pressed when there are no bad links
    Adds background image and installation instructions to dmg file
    Fixes bug preventing links to w3c being checked properly
    Fixes a small memory leak
    Fixes bug preventing crawl from finishing properly if user tries to highlight link on page before link has been checked
    Fixes bug preventing date stamp from being written properly every time
    Fixes problem of link text not showing in main link table for certain sites by trimming whitespace characters from around link text

    Version 3.7.3

    released November 2011

    Links to subdomains can be considered as internal rather than external. ie and are considered the same site (which is not necessarily true but most people would expect) and therefore both are followed. Adds checkbox in global preferences to switch this option. Default is on. With the option on, Integrity will discover more links (and potentially more bad links) on certain websites. Option needs to be switched off if you wish to deliberately limit your crawl to one subdomain
    Fixes memory problem, helping application to deal with larger sites
    Bug fix and small improvement to 'my sites' drawer
    Closing main window quits application after 'are you sure' dialogue

    Version 3.7.2

    released October 2011

    Exports .dot file (standard format used by graphing applications) which can be opened as a visualisation in third-party graphing apps. includes colour to indicate levels. Accessed via File>Export or a new toolbar button added via 'Customize toolbar...'
    Fixes problems with 'Re-check broken links' and 'Re-check this link'
    Fixes 'on page as title / url' preference (broken in last version)
    Adds 'Getting started' to the Help menu and splash screen
    replaces 'Bad links' icon with a more suitable one (previous one looks like 'delete')
    Fixes glitch with 'Inspect selected' button when flat view is showing

    Version 3.7.1

    released October 2011

    Single version compatible with OSX 10.4 Tiger through to 10.7 Lion (minimum Intel / ppc 10.4)
    (since v3.6, an older version, v3.5 was offered to Tiger users)
    Improvements to user interface: toolbar - customisation includes space and flexible space, contents of settings tab move to fill the space as main window is resized
    Fixes problem of user not being able to get main window open again if closed
    Fixes bug causing base href not to be discovered which could lead to many improperly-constructed relative urls
    Fixes distance column in flat view

    Version 3.7

    released August 2011

    OSX 10.7 Lion compatible
    Improves 'My Sites' - allows the same url to be saved more than once with different settings.

    Version 3.6

    released May 2011

    Ability to import list of links, either html format or plain text list
    Online manual linked from Help menu, includes instructions for crawling sites locally and importing a list of links
    Moves list of sites from drop-down list to 'my sites' pop-out drawer
    'last checked' date and status is stored and displayed
    Last used settings are saved and visible on launch
    Minimum system requirements now Intel / 10.5

    Version 3.5.4

    released March 2011

    Fixes bug relating to empty href's.
    improved reporting of link text and page titles which contain non-ascii characters.

    Version 3.5.3

    released January 2011

    efficiency improvements (using internal cache rather than copying data, object retention / release)

    Version 3.5.2

    released November 2010

    New option to allow 'not followed' links to be excluded from sitemap.
    Fixes bug preventing Integrity from recognising a link if it has a carriage return immediately after the a.

    Version 3.5.1

    released October 2010

    German localisation added. Fixes bug causing crashes if internet connection fails or isn't stable.
    Allows copy of url from 'on page' column of link inspector (as per filenames, requires two single-clicks to select the url - note that a double-click opens the page and attempts to highlight the link on the page using a style set in Preferences).
    Fixes bug causing crawl to stop if starting url is redirected.

    Version 3.4.1

    released October 2010

    Fixes bug causing random crashes introduced with major changes in 3.4

    Version 3.4

    released October 2010

    Better string handling for urls and link text - makes running more efficient and correctly displays link text which includes non-ascii (non-English) characters.
    Reduced background status logging also makes for faster running.
    Fixes bug preventing sorting of flat view with 'bad links only' showing.
    Fixes bug preventing generation of flat view if 'bad links only' showing when crawl finishes.
    Other small fixes.

    Version 3.3.6a

    released September 2010

    Fixes bug which caused instability with certain sites when using more threads.

    Version 3.3.6

    released September 2010

    Fixes bug causing random crashes, especially when losing internet connection
    Adds option to highlight missing link urls (where href = "#" or "" )

    Version 3.3.5

    released July 2010

    Fixes bug preventing 'highlight link on page' feature working properly.
    Fixes bug preventing crawling if comment terminated with more than two dashes eg '--->'
    Fixes bug which prevented proper crawling if return or other characters were present inside </script> tag.

    Version 3.3.4

    released June 2010

    Fixes bug which prevented proper crawling if return characters were present inside the <a> tag.

    Version 3.3.3

    released May 2010

    Fixes bug which could cause crashing if using a custom user-agent string.
    Context help added for some options.

    Version 3.3.2

    released May 2010

    Minor improvements when checking sites on a local drive; improves adding 'file://' before crawling, and fixes bug preventing proper crawling.

    Version 3.3.1

    released April 2010

    Adds setting - 'don't check external links' - makes crawl faster if you only need to generate a sitemap.

    Version 3.3

    released January 2010

    Checks distance of each url from home page. Can be displayed as a column in Integrity's table views and exported files. See Preferences to switch this column on or off.

    Generates XML sitemap. Note that the sitemap will be generated according to settings for the url crawled. (ie it is important to have settings like 'page titles are unique' or 'ignore querystrings' set correctly). Priority can be filled in automatically based on distance from home page.

    Version 3.2

    released November 2009

    Changes to the user interface. Current url is displayed in a combo box along with the 'go' button at the top of the main window. The settings for the current url (previously called 'current config') are now displayed in the default tab of the main window. Flat and sortable views are now switched using tab buttons at the bottom of the main window.

    Option for checking broken images added. Image urls are denoted by [img src] in the link text column.

    Bug fix - alt text is now correctly shown (if it exists) in the link text column when the link contains an image rather than text. For example: [linked image]:NHS Direct

    Some improvements to saving / deleting of settings for current site.

    Auto-complete added to main url combo box. However, this only works if you type the 'http' or 'www' or however the saved url starts.

    Progress indicator added for 'recheck this link'. Response time and time stamp are also correctly updated.

    Help and donate links updated.

    Automatic checking for updates. Checks for updates on startup. If a new version is available, informs user and invites visit to download page.

    Version 3.1.2

    released October 2009

    Explicitly doesn't handle cookies (random behaviour previously).

    will now pick up links within imagemap area tags.

    Version 3.1.1

    released March 2009

    Fixes bug which stopped further crawling if initial page is redirected.

    Small efficiency/speed improvement.

    Fixes bug which could register incorrect links if a request is redirected more than once.


    released December 2008

    Time stamp logged for each link checked
    Views are now customisable - show or hide columns as you like. (Exported files reflect visible columns.)
    "Redirected" no longer shows in status column as the information is available in its own column
    New application icon with less transparency


    released December 2008

    Fixes bug related to unquoted href's
    Unique page titles option (was new with v3.0 - crawls site faster and more accurately if you set this option and if your page titles *are* unique) now defaults to off for existing configs; defaulting to on was causing confusion.


    released December 2008

    Fixes bug preventing proper crawling of framesets
    Fixes problem with pause/continue button
    Fixes problem with About panel


    released December 2008

    Adds 'Inspect Bad Links' to View menu (opens the first bad link in the link inspector)
    Adds 'Next Bad Link' button to link inspector (moves the link inspector to the next bad link if there is one)
    Adds two new tools to the toolbar for 'Inspect bad links' and 'Inspect selected link' and a 'Customise Toolbar...' menu item
    Adds highlighting feature - double-click an 'On page' from the list in the link inspector, Integrity will open selected page and highlight selected link with coloured background or coloured border.
    Adds drop-down lists to preferences allowing you to choose the style of the highlighting (border / background, style and width of border)
    Adds 'Archive pages while crawling' checkbox to preferences (archives pages while crawling - asks you for a save location when crawl is finished).

    Version 2.2.2

    released September 2008

    If the link is around an image rather than text, the 'link text' columns will display [img]: and the alt text of the image.
    'Redirected to' column added to flat view.
    Changes to button bar including addition of export as html, csv and text (tdl) buttons. Now properly autosaves user customisation.
    More information in the status display - now also shows how many bad links have been found

    Version 2.2.1

    released September 2008

    Was generating the 'flat view' multiple times, giving the impression of 'hanging' after crawling large sites using lots of threads. Bug fixed, and progress bar added.

    Version 2.2

    released July 2008

    Server response time is logged. This is the time taken between Integrity sending the request and receiving the first response. This may not reflect the actual server response time if Integrity is running a large number of threads, or if the internet connection is busy

    When Integrity has finished running, a 'flat' view is available, that can be sorted by any of the columns

    Global preferences and current config are now combined into one tabbed window

    Standard customisable toolbar added and main window rearranged. Stop is now renamed 'Pause'

    Version 2.1

    released June 2008
    Crawls local files (drag the file into the 'starting URL' box)

    Version 2.0 (beta)

    Architecture / Logic changed. This fixes thread-safety issues (ie v1.x crashing on faster machines when using larger number of threads). Architecture change also makes v2 faster.
    Now handles sites built using frames.
    Max number of threads increased. This was limited in version 1.6.6 as a quick-fix to thread-safety issues. Max number of threads (when slider is in 'more' position) is now 29, was 7.
    'Threads' are no longer really separate threads owned by Integrity, but simultaneous asynchronous requests.

    Version 1.6.11

    released May 2008
    Fixes bug which was causing some links to be skipped on certain pages. Integrity's parser was getting confused sometimes by javascript on pages containing 'less than' and 'greater than' operators.
    Other small fixes and efficiencies.

    Version 1.6.10

    released April 2008
    Progress indicators added to export functions.
    Link info window now shows all occurrences of a link alongside the link text for each occurrence.

    Version 1.6.9

    released April 2008
    Fixes bug related to trimming which randomly prevented complete crawling of whole site.
    Revised handling of incorrectly nested quotes - now correctly allows for apostrophes as part of url ( "/pdf/Educators'_Guide" ).
    Help menu now links to support pages of, 'Donate' menu option added.

    Version 1.6.8

    released April 2008
    Routines for trimming whitespace, querystring etc rewritten in pure C, improving efficiency.
    Better handling of incorrectly nested single/double quotes ( href = "http://..' )
    Now correctly handles base href's which don't give a scheme (assumes http://)
    Better trimming of whitespace, ie carriage returns and other control characters in unexpected places in the middle of <a ..> tags
    Shows how many times a link occurs, not just how many pages it appears on (ie it may appear multiple times on same page).

    Version 1.6.7

    released March 2008
    Fixes bug which prevented links being found on a page if the end of a comment and an 'end script' tag were adjacent to each other ( --></script> )

    Version 1.6.6

    released March 2008
    sends user-agent string in header - default is "integrity/1.6" but this can be changed (see Preferences) if your site needs integrity to appear to be a recognised browser.
    Other fixes and efficiencies.

    Version 1.6.5

    released November 2007
    'whitelists' and 'blacklists' from the config are no longer case-sensitive.
    some problems with mcms zref fixed. zrefs are now shown when good links are hidden.
    links which are not checked because they are in the blacklist, are treated as good links. They are hidden when good links are hidden and are given no colour label.
    "Hide good links" button has now become "Show bad links only". This subtle change means that links which have not been checked will not show and improves running.
    Small fixes and efficiencies.

    Version 1.6.4

    released October 2007
    Fixes problem with tab-delimited file export
    Both tab-delimited and comma-separated exports are 'flat', ie each 'on page url' has its own row
    Fixes crashes or problems caused by carriage returns or whitespace present within a quoted href (yes, some html has really unexpected features)
    Ignores Javascript (anything between <script> tags)
    More object retention fixes and small efficiencies

    Version 1.6.2

    released September 2007
    'on page url' will now recognise '' and '' as the same link. Therefore a broken links may more correctly be reported on a lower number of pages and the whole application is a little more efficient.
    Recognises and reports 'zref' links, a difficult-to-find link inserted by Microsoft Content Management Server
    other small efficiencies and fixes.

    Version 1.6.1

    released July 2007
    Some changes to improve stability

    Version 1.6

    released July 2007
    Adds user-definable colour labels (see Preferences). A 'good link' is defined as server response code 2xx, redirected links include any 3xx code, a bad link is a 4xx code, and an 'error' is a 5xx server code or any other error.
    Menu item added View > Info for Current Item (command-I), shows link inspector pallette (previously only available via double-click in the main table).
    Fixes bug causing crash if no internet connection.

    Version 1.5

    released 28 May 2007
    Supports base href.
    Can now export tab-delimited text file along with CSV, plain text and HTML.
    Improved HTML export - link urls are presented as links.
    Adds 'Only follow links containing...' field.
    Fixes bug allowing some 'commented out' urls to be tested.
    Fixes bug preventing inspector window opening when some links double-clicked.
    Preferences window added: allows choice of displaying 'on page' as url or page title.
    Config Starting URL drop-down list behaviour improved .

    Version 1.4.2

    released May 21 2007
    No longer parses and extracts links from error pages (eg 404 pages).
    Now handles spaces in URLs (as long as correctly contained in single or double quotes).

    Version 1.4

    released April 22 2007
    Fixes a problem in some earlier versions which prevented all links being found on some pages
    HTML character entities in links are now 'un-encoded' (eg '&' is replaced with '&') before link is checked.
    If link appears on more than one page, main table now shows actual number of pages rather than "multiple"
    'Re-Check Bad Links' feature added (under File menu)
    Fixes problem with export to CSV for some sites.
    NB. early copies of 1.4 give the version number as 1.3.1 in about box.

    Version 1.3.1

    released April 7 2007
    Fixes problem with the 'don't check URLs containing' feature which didn't work properly in v1.3
    Fixes problem which caused some links to be missed
    Small improvement to the stop button

    Version 1.3

    released April 6 2007
    'This page only' checkbox added.
    Status display more accurately shows number of links done.
    Programme flow, thread safety and object retention improvements. Cures an instability which seemed to be related to websites which have large collections of external links and/or setting a larger number of threads.
    Fixes bug preventing some link text from being recorded properly.
    For some file types which may be larger files (pdf, mpg, mp3, jpg) the parser no longer sends an http request to check the 'Content-Type', speeding up the crawl time.

    Version 1.2

    released March 29 2007
    Now tolerant to excessively long hrefs (previously hrefs over 1000 characters would break an internal limit and cause the application to crash).
    Timeout can now be set in the config window. Using a very large number of threads can obviously make timeouts more likely and so the timeout figure can now be increased accordingly.
    The link inspector window (double-click an entry in the main table) now shows the 'on page' list in a form which is clickable. A double-click will open the page in question.
    The HTML report now shows the 'on page' column as links to the page in question.

    Version 1.1

    released March 26 2007
    Link text shows up for more links - link text is still only held once regardless of how many instances of that link are found on the site, but if a link has no text (eg image link), then that will not overwrite the existing link text.
    Ignores javascript links as well as mailto links.
    Fixes bug triggered by a return within the tag.
    Fixes bug which could prevent all links being found on certain pages.

    Version 1.0

    released March 25 2007
    First non-beta release, free and not set to expire. Not generally released, but provided to 2 magazine coverdiscs.

    Version 0.5 (Beta)

    released March 22 2007
    corrected problem which allowed cached data to be checked - new data is now requested every time.
    Fixes bug which could prevent some links being found if javascript present in page.

    Version 0.4 (Beta)

    released March 21 2007
    Bug fixed which prevented some relative URLs from being formed correctly
    Displays better information about any redirected urls. The final status code shown is the status for the final (redirected to) URL
    Link text included as column in main table
    Change to programme flow and a number of small refinements and efficiency improvements meaning that the application remains responsive throughout larger crawls.
    Bug fixed which prevented some configs saving properly

    Version 0.3 (Beta)

    released March 7 2007
    Improved interface, added 'Continue' button, allows Integrity to be paused and re-started.
    Exporting - results can be exported as HTML, CSV or plain text.

    Version 0.2 (Beta)

    released March 1 2007
    Fixes bug preventing Integrity from following links where html is all uppercase.

    Version 0.1 (Beta)

    released Feb 2007