Bulk and educational discounts

This information applies to all of our licensed desktop software that has a one-off purchase price. It is most pertinent to Integrity and Scrtuiny. (The feature comparison is here.) The information below supersedes the previous corporate licensing arrangement.

Black Friday / Cyber Monday: Scrutiny, Integrity Pro and Integrity Plus are currently all on offer with a 30% discount. Simply use the buy button within the app or on the app's web page to take advantage of that discount. The educational discount cannot be used together with the Black Friday discount.


one to four userseach licence at regular single-user price
five to 20 userseach licence at 15% discount
20+ userseach licence at 30% discount
Educational (schools, colleges, universities),
nonprofits and charities
further 10%


In the first instance please contact us via the general contact form or at