Integrity / Scrutiny comparison of features

This chart only gives a broad outline of main features.


Integrity logo Integrity Free Link checking More...
Integrity logo Integrity Plus $15 Link Checking
Manage multiple sites
Transfer XML sitemap by ftp or ftps
Search / filter your data
Export your data
'sitesucker' type archiving
Scrutiny logo Scrutiny (v7) $115 All of above plus:
SEO checks
Spelling and grammar checking
Website monitoring
Orphaned pages
Schedule regular scans
Page load speed test
Multiple windows open (simultaneous scans etc)
Redesigned navigation / workflow
Better Autosave
Free upgrade for users who have bought or upgraded to v5/6 since start of 2016
Upgrade path for Integrity Plus users
Upgrade path for Scrutiny 5/6 users
And more