Policy and procedure

Please use the software menu on the left for more information about the products. If you need support, please find contact details here


We don't usually accept payment for enhancements. If you donate or pay for software, then you're contributing to development and support time, but should not consider it the purchase of any kind of support or warranty over and above what's set out here.

If you would like support above and beyond what's set out here, please get in touch.

We welcome bug reports and enhancement suggestions. We will acknowledge quickly, treat bugs seriously and try to either answer or fix in a reasonable time. We'll give thought to enhancement / feature requests.

We'll try to make the first acknowledgement (and give an answer or workaround if possible) within an hour or two if possible (within waking hours GMT) or usually within 24hrs.

It will speed up the process if you can tell us the steps that we need to make in order to see the same problem.

If you're not using the current version, then the first reply will ask you to download and try the current version to see whether the problem still exists. So please do that before getting in touch.

We can only offer support by email but will be as responsive as possible.

The support relationship has to be a two way process. Often we can only help if you are willing to answer follow-up questions and provide any information we request.


  1. initial contact ->
  2. acknowledgement / answer question & close if possible ->
  3. reproduce problem (may require further information from user) ->
  4. diagnose problem ->
  5. offer workaround if possible / update user ->
  6. close if no fix possible
  7. fix problem and include in next possible release ->
  8. close

Notes on version numbers

I use the conventional system of 3 numbers separated by dots like this: version 5.3.3

The first number means a major release - major new features or look / feel. The second number means new features. The last number is for fixes only. You'll also see a 'build number' in the About box, which may have an extra digit to the right. This means that the code hasn't changed, just a build setting or some other non-code difference.