Scrutiny - full specification

This page is for you if you're evaluating Scrutiny or comparing it with a competitor. Please bear in mind that Scrutiny's licence is a one-off purchase not an annual subscription.

  • Accessibility
  • Schedule a scan (eg weekly or monthly) to regularly check a site without having to remember
    • A number of optional actions which can be taken when the scan completes (open a file/script, send email, save report, save sitemap).
    • Scrutiny doesn't have to be running for the scheduled scan to take place.
  • Many export options including full report, sitemap xml, csv for any table, graphic visualisation
  • The archive function is now enhanced and can create a browsable local archive as it scans, in a sitesucker-type way
  • Manage as many sites as you like with different settings for each
  • Common tasks

    The links below will give you more information and brief tutorial

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