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Scrutiny 12 Scheduling and Finish Actions

When do you want Scrutiny to start and what do you want it to do when it finishes?

Below are settings which are found on the 'Finish Actions' and 'Schedule' tabs.

On finish, take actions


When the scan finishes, Scrutiny can take these actions. In v12 they're just performed at the end of every scan. There's no longer a 'scan with actions' option.

Scheduling a scan


Scrutiny can run on schedule. The app does not need to be running, it'll start up at the scheduled time, run the scan and then take any of the finish actions you've selected.

NB If you make a change to these settings, including switching schedule to 'none' it is important to press 'Commit' to reload/unload the launch agent. It's also necessary to press Commit if you've upgraded Scrutiny to v12 from an earlier major version.

For an overview of your schedules (to avoid going into each website config individually, or to delete any 'leftover' launch agents) go to Tools > Schedules Overview.