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  • This screenshot shows the new graphing functionality, available in v6.1
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  • Address labels
  • This screenshot shows the Checkout interface being used with a touch-screen and the Keystrokes on-screen keyboard

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If you have a mac and a small business then this small but powerful database will keep track of your customers, orders, stock, 'to do' list and has some basic invoice and accounting. My ethos is to keep things as uncomplicated and quick to use as possible, leaving you free to run your business with all information at your fingertips.

Organise is small, self-contained and standalone. It doesn't require you to buy, licence or install any other database application.

Watch a short video made by MacUpdate

New: Organise Pro comes with new free app Report Builder. Since v6.1 has the ability to show you graphs, with two built-in reports as examples - Weekly sales and Monthly sales.



Licence Organise
34.95 Pounds | End user licence agreement

The web download Organise allows a 30-day free trial. Please try it out.

System requirements

From version 7.2, Mac OSX 10.4 (Tiger) no longer supported. Minimum now 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or higher, Intel or ppc. 10.10 (Yosemite) tested and supported. The app contains my electronic signature so that OSX's Gatekeeper will happily run it (with settings set to the default 'Mac App Store and identified developers' or lower).

10.4 users should use Organise version 7.1 Pro


This is an infographic showing how everything links together. (click to enlarge)

Download custom reports

reports are 'plugged in' to Organise Pro's report manager. You can create them yourself using this reference guide or the new Organise Report Builder or I can create them for you. Some potentially useful ones are shared below.

You may not be able to click the link to download it, you may need to right-click (control-click) and choose 'save linked file as' or similar.

Save the file in ~Library/Application Support/Organise/Reports and re-start Organise.

(Note that as from 10.7 (Lion) OSX hides your Library folder from you, there are some tricks to get into it, the easiest may be Finder>Go>Go and press your alt key to reveal 'Library')

Name Made by Download
New vs Returning Customers Shiela Dixon New vs Returning Customers.xml
Total shipping collected Shiela Dixon Total Shipping Collected.xml
Total shipping paid Shiela Dixon Total Shipping Paid.xml


Are you interested in sharing a custom report? Contact me


Version History

version 8.0.9 April 2015

version 8.0.8 April 2015

version 8.0.7 April 2015

version 8.0.6 March 2015

version 8.0.5 March 2015

version 8.0.4 (now stable release) March 2015

version 8.0.3 (still release candidate) March 2015

version 8.0.2 (still release candidate) March 2015

version 8.0.1 (still release candidate) March 2015

version 8 released as release candidate March 2015


version 7.4.6 Pro released Feb 2015

Small fixes:

version 7.4.5 Pro released Oct 2014

Small fixes:

version 7.4.4 Pro released May 2014

Small fixes:

version 7.4.3 Pro released February 2014

Small fix:

version 7.4.2 Pro released January 2014

fixes and improvements:

version 7.4.1 Pro released January 2014

Important fix

version 7.4 Pro released December 2013

fixes and improvements:

version 7.3 Pro released November 2013

fixes and improvements:

Adds automatic update check:

version 7.2.2 Pro released September 2013

Adds import from Squarespace and Paypal - creates Orders with Contacts, Payments, Items, Items purchased. File > Import > Special >
Adds field (not editable) for transaction ID from squarespace or paypal import. Allowing the reference number to be retained and also to prevent the same order being imported if another import is attempted with the same data or new data that includes the same transaction.

version 7.2.1 Pro released September 2013

Fixes problem caused by trying to generate monthly sales graph with less than a month's data

version 7.2 Pro September 2013

Minimum system requirements OSX 10.5. 10.4 users should not upgrade to v7.2, for compatibility with newer systems it uses features not available in 10.4
Fixes bug causing remaining balance in an Order or in Checkout to be calculated incorrectly if any payment is over 1,000
Main window's Toolbar redesigned in line with Apple's human interface guidelines and for retina screen compatibility
Adds toolbar controls (show / hide / customise) to main View menu

Retina screen compatible
OSX Mavericks tested and supported

version 7.1.1 Pro August 2013

Fixes problem on startup for some new users

version 7.1 Pro August 2013

Improvements for multi-database users:

- allows a display name for the database as well as filename
- allows renaming of databases (changes the display name)
- shows the display name in the database list rather than filename
- displays the database name in the main window title (unless using the default database and no-one's changed its display name)
- allows for a different currency and some other codes for each database (preferences such as currency, currency code, code prefixes are stored in the database rather than user prefs)

Items can be categorised:

- adds 'category' field to Item, allowing more than one category
- allows adding or removing multiple items to a category via a context menu in the Items view
- adds all known categories to the Item filter button
- adds pseudo-field item:category for reports to use, so reports such as Top sellers can select by category

Report manager improvements:

- report manager now understands 'contains' when selecting (eg "category contains 'magazine'" ) (symbol is '()' if not using Report Builder app)
- the separate Report Builder application enhanced to include the new fields and this new option (v2.1)

Bug fixes:

Fixes Contact names sorting by first name rather than surname

version 7.0.3 Pro (no longer Release Candidate) June 2013

- Some small fixes since version 7.

version 7 Pro (as Release Candidate) May 2013

- Removes Deposit / Balance and replaces with multiple payments. Allows for multiple payments, and part-payments made by different methods.
- Existing deposit (if present) and balance fields are converted when version 6.4 is first run. The old fields are kept in the database. If user returns to older version, these fields will still be present, but any orders created using the new version won't have those fields.
- Adds field 'balanceremaining' which is a calculation of what's owed taking into account the new-style payments.
- Adds field 'totaldue' which is a total of everything with tax and shipping before any payments have been made. Is not reduced by any payments that have been made. For that use balanceremaining
- Exsting stationery (invoices etc) will still work as far as possible. The new version won't replace or update them in case you've customised them, but will try to update them. If this isn't successful, or you wish to add the new fields to your templates, see Organise's support pages.
- On existing stationery, the old balance field will be populated with the new 'balanceremaining' field. The deposit field will no longer be populated for new Orders because it doesn't exist on the record. Suggest replacing the fields on your templates with the new tempalte field which will insert the list of payments, dates and payment methods.
- Adds 'Import Report' to File menu ready for App store (sandboxed) version which doesn't allow communication between Organise and the Report Builder app.


Full version history for Organise (The full history is also in the release notes included in the app's dmg file)