See your web page through a robot's eyes.


  • Screenshot 1 - images listed out of context with alt text
  • Screenshot 3 - works as a text-only web browser
  • Screenshot 4 - customise the colours

This app is now retired for various reasons.

There is little love for accessibility standards now, especially since Google is able to render js to some extent (though it's a mistake to think that all search engines do). The functionality lives on within Scrutiny.

Get a better understanding of how search engines as well as those using assistive technology see your site.


Category:Developer Tools / Utilities

System Requirements

Mac OS 10.6 or higher.



V1.3 January 2015 (no longer beta)

V1.2 November 2014 (still beta)

Better web browsing:

V1.1 November 2014 (still beta)


First beta release