Test your web page load speed and size


Do your pages load as quickly as they could? It could be down to a third-party plugin or code, or an unnecessarily large image. These will be easy to spot with ReActivity


Page load speed is now taken into account by Google so a slow page is bad news for your search engine optimisation (SEO) as well as your visitor experience.


For all of this with more functionality plus link checking, SEO checks, HTML validation and other advanced features, please see Scrutiny


ReActivity is the page analysis tool from Scrutiny built as a standalone app.

System Requirments

Current version requires Mac OSX 10.7 or higher, Intel.


What should I do with the downloaded file?

Open the .dmg file and find the application inside. If you want to keep using ReActivity, drag and drop it into your Applications folder. To keep it in your dock, right-click or click-and-hold on its dock icon and choose 'Keep in dock'.

Version History

Version 2.1

released July 2014

Version 2.0.1

released June 2014

Version 2.0

released January 2014

Version 1.1

released October 2012

Shows uncompressed and compressed size of files where gzip is being used by the server. So webmasters can easily see the benefit of their servers' gzip service and the actual 'transferred' weight.

Version 1

released September 2012