Peep - help

File viewer / text encoding conversion utility for Mac OSX

For downloads, documentation and information, please see Peep's home page.


In text mode, Peep will treat the entire file as text and attempt to convert to your chosen encoding before storing the information in memory.

In data mode, Peep will store and treat the file as 8-bit bytes. When viewed as decimal or hex you will be seeing the bytes just as they came off the drive. When viewing as text, Peep will try to display each byte using the best 8-bit encoding it can. If the file contains 16-bit text characters, then you will view these more successfully using text mode and a 16-bit encoding.

Treat as

This setting gives you the option of trying various text encodings to see which is most successful. In text mode, Peep will attempt to use the selected encoding to convert the file to text on open. If the selected encoding fails then Peep will attempt to use a different encoding and if successful, will alter the drop-down list to show which was used.

Display as

This setting allows you to view each byte (data mode) or character (text mode) as text or as a number in hex or decimal.

Read / filter

This button opens up the 'Reader' window which shows the file as text in a text view. It ignores the mode button, and attempts to display text using the text encoding selected in the 'Treat as' button. It can be optionally filtered for non-readable characters to various degrees.

The result is non-editable but can be searched, selected and copied.

Save as

Attempts to save the file using any of the available encodings. The pop-up button will default to the encoding that was last used to read the file. You can try a different one. If Peep fails to convert the file to the chosen encoding it will tell you.

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