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Category:Developer Tools / Utilities

System Requirements

Mac OS 10.8 or higher.



Version 2.0.1 - Oct 2019

Version 2.0 - May 2018

Version 1.3 - May 2015

Improvements to workflow:
- a paste now works whether you're at the starting points screen or not
- if you've copied from browser or an email, HTMLtoMD will attempt to take that off the clipboard as HTML, avoiding the need to view source before copying

Enhancements / fixes:
- adds automatic update check
- fixes problems with pause/continue button when crawling a site

Version 1.2 (no longer beta) - April 2015

- Fixes bug which was causing a crash if unusually long urls existed in links on a page
- Minor interface changes
- Web download version of app is not sandboxed, was sometimes causing problems when crawling a site locally (alert message said 'you do not have permission to view this file')
- Out of beta and adds in-app purchase for website crawling functionality

Version 1.1 (Still beta) - November 2014

- Adds 'Starting point' screen. In addition to giving the url of a page or starting point for a crawl, you can paste html or drag & drop a file
- Return to the starting point screen any time (except when a site scan is running - pause that first) with cmd-2

v1.0 - November 2014

First beta release