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Integrity has always been free (aside from a short experiment). A number of my smaller applications are now free. This is because of changing expectations and I'd rather have a large number of non-paying users than a very small number of paying users.

However, I've dedicated my life to improving what I've done and doing more (yes, as a full-time pursuit). If you're using Integrity and you feel that you'd like to make a contribution, or if you are using the software as part of your business then perhaps the best way to help is to buy a licence for Integrity Plus, Pro or Scrutiny. You can compare features and prices here.

Alternatively / additionally, if you'd like to be the smartest-looking peacock or hen in your office, take a look at the tees and hoodies below - we get a small amount for each one you buy.

Tees and hoodies

Industrial Strength

Industrial strength, with a featherlight touch peacockmedia tee

... with a featherlight touch

If you've got it

If you've got it, flaunt it peacockmedia tee

... flaunt it

Keep that tail

Keep that tail standing proud peacockmedia tee

... standing proud

Keep calm

Keep calm and carry that tail high peacockmedia tee

... and carry that tail high

Does your tail

Does your tail have eyes peacockmedia tee

... have eyes...?