Redirection made easy.


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404bypass is designed to help you avoid 404 errors by generating a redirect file for your website. This is especially useful when a redesign leads to pages being assigned a new URL.

404bypass scans your old and new website, automatically compares the scan results and generates a list of redirects. It also allows you to manually match or add redirect URLs.

Since htaccess is only one of many methods to handle redirect, our template system allows you to leverage the matching ability of 404bypass and output the results in any format you can dream of.

This program is available as a public beta for a limited time.


System Requirements

Mac OSX 10.8 or higher.





Eric Dubois, Shiela Dixon



v0.3 (still beta. Expires 23/04/2017)

v0.2 (still beta. Expires 23/04/2017)