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Bad links

829 links checked on 93 page(s), 19 bad

SEO checks

1 pages without title
8 pages without description
32 pages with long title
1 pages with long or short description
9 pages with high keyword density
5 pages with thin content
4 pages with possible duplicates
10 pages with duplicate titles
9 pages with duplicate descriptions

Files available, prepared May-06-2019:

short-long-description.csvPages with short or long meta descriptionviewdownload csv
SEO-full.csvSEO all fieldsviewdownload csv
bad-links.csvBad link reportviewdownload csv
duplicate-descriptions.csvPages with duplicate meta descriptionviewdownload csv
pages-possible-duplicates.csvviewdownload csv
sitemap.xmlXML sitemapview
duplicate-titles.csvPages with duplicate titlesviewdownload csv
images-without-alt.csvviewdownload csv
long-title.csvPages with long titlesviewdownload csv
keyword-stuffed.csvPages with high ratio of certain keyword(s) compared to total contentviewdownload csv
thin-content.csvPages with little contentviewdownload csv
many-links.csvPages with many linksviewdownload csv
all-links.csvFull link reportviewdownload csv