Support contract

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It's important to say right away that you don't need to pay for a support contract to get top-quality support for our software. Our responsiveness and speed of bug fixes often surprises users, and you get that whether you're a corporate licence holder, regular licensed user or trial / demo user. It's in our interests to do that because the quality of the app is the most important thing to us.

The idea of this support arrangement is that it enables us to spend the time giving you support and advice where that goes beyond problems with the software itself, such as helping to interpret the results or investigating matters with the website, or even running the scan on an agreed schedule and supplying the reports without employee overheads.

It also allows you to have regular scans and receive reports if you're not Mac users or are unable to use our software.

Data that can be supplied are: Links (all or just bad), SEO (Pages, Meta data, Images / alt text), Sitemap, Spelling (not grammar at present), Insecure content (links to insecure pages / pages with mixed content). Custom searches or scans on request.

In the first instance please make contact using this form. We will respond with :