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Scrutiny 9 Scheduling and Finish Actions

When do you want Scrutiny to start and what do you want it to do when it finishes

Below are settings which are found on the 'Finish Actions | Schedule' tab.


Scheduling a scan

Scrutiny can run on schedule. The app does not need to be running, it'll start up at the scheduled time, run the scan and then take any of the finish actions you've selected.

On finish, take actions

When the scan finishes, Scrutiny can take these actions. (Save a report, send an email containing a summary, open a file or script.) They're not performed at the end of every scan, only after a scheduled scan or if you've chosen 'Scan with actions' rather than 'Scan now'. If you've just run a regular scan and want to perform the chosen actions, you can press 'Perform actions' from the Results selection screen.