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Scrutiny 9 Link and Page Inspectors

Link and page properties

Link Inspector

There's sometimes confusion over links vs pages. A link is the clickable text or image on a page which takes you to another page. It looks like this. Its properties include the target url, link text, the page it appears on, the status of the target url.

This is the link inspector:

link inspector

You can access this inspector by double-clicking a link within most of the Links tables. If you click the page url in the By Page table or the expanded By Link table, then you may see the Page inspector.

The link inspector encompasses all links with the same target url. For example, there's probably a link back to the home page on every page. Every instance will have the same target url and status, but each instance may have different parent page ("Appears on"), link text and certain other attributes. These are listed in the table on the link inspector.

Since version 9 the redirect information is on a tab within this window (previously it was a sheet activated by a button). It also contains a 'Warnings' tab. If the link is shown in oragne in the main links views, the reason(s) will be here. Traditionally a redirect has caused a link to be coloured orange, now there are more possible reasons.

Since version 9 it is also possible to view some properties of the target page in the link inspector, and from there access the Page Inspector.

Page Inspector

A page is a page of your site. Traditionally it's an html file or sometimes an active page such as php or asp. Nowadays it may not even have a file extension, but it'll certainly be html that's loaded into the browser. Its properties include title, meta data. It'll probably contain a number of links to other pages and one or more links will point to it (otherwise it's an 'orphan' page and Scrutiny won't find it except by using the orphan pages feature). There will be many metrics too such as content size and word count.

Much of this information will be available in the SEO table, a little can be seen in the Sitemap table. A page has its own inspector, which you access with a double-click in the SEO table, or as previously described via the link inspector:

page inspector