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Scrutiny 9 Getting Started

Scan a website and see link check results

Scrutiny will follow all of your internal links to find your pages, checking the server response code for all internal and external links found.

Scrutiny requires you to add a configuration (set of settings) for your website before you can continue.

Click the + button below your list of sites. (If you're running Scrutiny for the first time, the dialog may open after launch.)


(If you want to scan a site locally, or start with a list of urls or an xml sitemap, you can use File > Open to choose the file)


The dialog that then appears asks for your starting url and a name for this configuration. Once entered, Scrutiny will add a thumbnail image (the size of the thumbnail can be made bigger or smaller, or removed completely using the slider at the very bottom-right of the window). You can click anywhere within the row to expand or collapse that configuration. When expanded you'll see some buttons, including a 'Scan now' button.


Click 'Scan now' to begin the scan. If all's well, you'll see a progress bar. The application will start at your home page, find all of the links on it, check those links and then for each new page on your site it's discovered, it'll check for links on those pages too, and so on. This will all happen surprisingly quickly.

When finished, you'll see the Results selection, which contains a list of the ways that you can view your data. A green dot indicates which results are available, and the column to the right will explain the availability

Click 'Links' to see a list of the links on your site. Each link may appear just once or appear on many pages (for example a 'home' link may appear on every page of your site).

If the resulting list of links includes urls you don't expect or don't want, you may need to look at your settings and preferences.

To see just the bad links tick 'Bad links only'.

If you're interested in seeing which links are bad and then seeing a list of pages that link appears on, you want the 'By link' view. If you're interested in seeing a list of pages which need attention and then seeing which links need attention on that page, you want the 'By page' view. The Flat view shows each occurrence of each link on a separate row.

You can sort any of these tables by clicking on a column header.

Double-click a link to see more information about that link, including the pages that it appears on. From there you can click a page to either visit that page or highlight the link on that page.