Scrutiny 6 - Export options and summary report

All tables can be exported as csv or html. Some views have more specialised exports such as the xml and html sitemap.

The summary report

The summary report is a way to save your data following a crawl for your own reference at a later date, or to give to someone else. It contains statistics lists of issues for links and SEO. You can choose save this in pdf format or html format. The links will still be active if you save as html, they may or may not be if you save as pdf.

You can 'scan with actions' and switch on 'Summary report' in the Actions - press the 'Actions' button within the Scan with actions task box, or the Schedule button on the Settings screen.

Or with version 6 you can export a summary report using File > Export > Summary report at any time after the scan has run.

Check 'summary report' and set a save location when asked. You don't need to set a schedule

Customising the summary report

You can add a custom header for the report, see Preferences > Report. This must be in html format, with links to images given absolute http:// urls. You can add your own styles for the tables of data using table{} th{} td{} etc. (Use td.alt{} for the alternating row colour)


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