Manual for Integrity & Scrutiny - Importing a list of links

Integrity and Scrutiny can check a list of links in a variety of formats.

You can type the path of your file into the location bar, select File>Open Local File, or use or simply drag and drop your file into the location bar. (Note that for this version it is important to place the cursor in that field and empty any existing contents before dragging).

If your list is in html format, for example a bookmarks file exported from your browser, then you can simply press Go

If your file is a text format such as plain text, tab-delimited or comma-separated (.txt, .tdl, .csv), then you will need to check "Plain text mode" before pressing Go.

Integrity will check all links in your file but not follow them. If you're using plain text mode, your file should contain no text other than URLs.

Checking multiple sites in one crawl

From version 3.1, Scrutiny will treat your list of links as a list of sites and crawl all pages of those sites. This will only work if you are using 'Plain text mode' as described above.

If you wish to check all of the links in a file but not crawl (follow) them, simply check 'Check this page only'

Note that all sites in your list will be crawled using the same settings

You can schedule this crawl of multiple sites as described in Running on schedule


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