Manual for Integrity & Scrutiny - Authentication

Scrutiny can check some sites which require authentication. If you check 'Attempt to authenticate' and are logged in using Safari, then Scrutiny may be able to access your pages.

Be aware that switching on this setting can damage your site including deleting your pages. Some content management systems have buttons for managing pages, including deleting pages, which look like links to Scrutiny.

If you are going to use this feature and have such controls on your website, then:

Custom header fields

This feature allows you to do some special and unusual things. Fill in a field name and value and that information will be sent in the request header.

For example, you can specify a host and port, or accept only certain types of content. A full list of the fields and values available is here:

Note that to change the user-agent string, you don't need to use these custom fields, Integrity and Scrutiny handle this using a field in Preferences.

You don't need to set the referer field, this is set by Scrutiny and Integrity with the url that the link appears on. You can override this with a different url by using this feature if you need to.


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