Google product search - guide for exporting a data feed file suitable for submission


  1. Read the mapping notes below and make sure that the relevant fields of the Item are filled in correctly
  2. Tick 'Export a Google Product Search file' for each item you'd like to include in the file
  3. Find 'Google Product Search' in Reports' drop-down list - select it and run it
  4. From the File menu, select Export>Text (tab-delimited) and save your file
  5. Submit that file to Google at Obviously you will need to create your own (free) Google Merchant Centre account and either upload or schedule your feed


The following list describes which fields are included in the exported file and how Organise sources the information

Google's full specification is at

Google's attribute Organise field Notes
id Code These codes should be unique within Organise, but Organise doesn't enforce it. Google specifies that this code should be unique and shouldn't change.
title Item
description Comments Tab and carriage return characters will be stripped out
price Selling price Organise appends currency code from Preferences
condition Condition Organise translates the Item's Condition field into 'new', 'refurbished' or 'used'
link Web link
brand Brand
image link Image link
shipping Shipping. Organise formats this with colons as required by Google
availability Organise translates Qty into 'in stock' or 'out of stock'
gtin UPC / EAN

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