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Also see the Organise manual and Organise's home page for more information.

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I've been testing Organise and now have lots of junk data. What's the easiest way to start with a clean database?

If you quit Organise, delete that file (or move or rename it) and restart Organise, it will create a new empty database.

If you're using Organise from a web download, you'll find your database at ~/Library/Application Support/Organise/organisedatabase (where ~ is your home folder)

If you downloaded from the App store, then it's all a bit deeper - ~/Library/Containers/com.peacockmedia.Organise/Data/Library/Application Support/Organise

(~ is your home folder) In 10.7+ note that OSX hides your Library folder from you, you won't see it (unless you've chosen to show hidden files) and you won't find it by searching. You'll have to use a trick to get into it - eg Finder > Go to folder... and type ~/Library

I need a list of ________s by _______ with particular columns and a total at the bottom

It's usually possible to pull out and display your data in the way that you'd like - and export it too. This is what the Reports section is for.

There are some example reports built in. A custom report is a file which is plugged in, you'll then see it in the drop-down menu in the Report manager.

If you are technically-minded, you can do this yourself using the report builder tool (now included in Organise's dmg) or the report builder reference guide or failing that we can do it for you for a very small reimbursement. Contact

My item descriptions are long. When I generate an invoice the table is higgedy-piggledy because of wrapping

The invoice window will resize to make more room for the contents. After generating, just pull out the window so that it's a little wider and this should fix the problem.