Integrity v6 engine

Scan a website, access its links and pages.

More hundreds of hours than I care to calculate have gone into developing the code which scans a website accurately and fully. It works well and I'm proud of that - parsing arbitrary (and sometimes non-compliant) html code is full of pitfalls.

It could potentially be used in a variety of apps, it's used in Robotize and HTMLtoMD as well as Integrity and Scrutiny

Integrity application icon

I'd love to make the engine available to developers. I feel that my strengths lie in building and maintaining that engine, more so than building a UI or producing and marketing a consumer product.

It won't be open source. I want to provide a free version and license a faster, paid-for version. The downloadable version has limits for this reason.

The current version of the engine is mature now after the v6 rewrite. A recent update to the framework adds a couple of features new to Integrity and Scrutiny -