Integrity / Scrutiny comparison of features

This chart only gives a broad outline of main features. We're very happy to answer questions and hear comments.


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Price FREE$20$59$149from $5 pm
Lose-nothing upgrade  
Native MacOS (not Java, not cross-platform development, not iOS app running under Catalyst) 
Link checking
Checking linked files and urls within style sheets
Export your data 
Search / filter your data  
HTML validation *   
Full site search    
Built-in Sitemap Visualisations    
Manage multiple sites  
SEO checks  
Spell checking   
Crawl with javascript rendering  
Help with migration to secure (https://) site ***    
Presentable and customisable reports, optional web access   
Authentication (sites that require login)    
Check links within pdf & docx documents  
Schedule regular scans   
Autosave data    


* since v10, Integrity Pro and Scrutiny will be able to carry out a certain amount of html validation. This isn't as comprehensive as the full w3c validation (some might say as picky or petty) but will cover many common and important mistakes, the ones that have consequences. This functionality will grow.

** Success with authentication isn't guaranteed and may require a little trial and error. If this is an important feature, then please use the trial period, and support if necessary, to make sure that it works for you before buying.

*** When you scan an https:// site, Scrutiny will report links to your http pages, and also report pages which have 'mixed content' or insecure content, ie style sheets, js files, images which are http://

**** As from version 8, all apps will report the response time and file size of all urls checked. The page load speed test in Scrutiny loads a page and reports the load time of all of its elements, thus finding bottlenecks.