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Easy access to standard clips of text. Copy on one Mac, paste on another.


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You don't want to make your customer feel that they're reading a standard letter but there are snippets of text that you have to type regularly; your address, your vat number, directions to your premises, answers to those frequently-asked questions...

Do you type them every time? Do you search for a document or old email and copy and paste from there?

ClipAssist is not a clipboard history app, it will sit in the background and give you quick access to those clips via hotkeys in unstyled text so that you can paste anywhere with the minimum fuss.

Please note that this app has not been sold or updated for some time. It will continue to serve existing users as long as it's run on the systems it has been designed and tested for.

System Requirements

Current version requires Mac OSX 10.6 or higher, 10.11 (El Capitan) supported

10.5 users should download ClipAssist version 3.4

The most recent version which works on 10.4 (Tiger) is Clipassist v3.1


What should I do with the downloaded file?

Open the .dmg file and find the application inside. If you want to keep using ClipAssist, drag and drop it into your Applications folder. To keep it in your dock, right-click or click-and-hold on its dock icon and choose 'Keep in dock'. To have it available all the time, do the same and choose 'Open at login'