Scrutiny 6 - upgrading from a previous version


v6 is a free upgrade from v5 but v5 was a paid upgrade. It's not our intention for existing Scrutiny users with versions earlier than 5 to pay the full price for v6, just an upgrade fee of £20 which is less than the difference between the current prices for v4 and v5/6. Unfortunately it's not been possible to fully automate this upgrade path because of the number of difference scenarios. In the first instance, please email and include evidence of your original purchase (the key itself, an email receipt, or failing that just a name or email address matching the original purchase).

App store users

v5 is not yet available on the App Store. If you would like to start using v5 by switching to the web download version, we're happy to provide a v5 key in return for the upgrade fee. (Email the support address with evidence of your App Store purchase.) There will be no further charge for upgrading your App Store purchase to v5 when it is available but note that certain v5 features will not work in the App Store version because of Sandboxing, imposed by Apple on App Store apps.