Integrity and Scrutiny

Bug and enhancement list

Note that we no longer publish planned enhancements, but we do have development plans and are happy to discuss any issues or suggestions.

Known bugs

canonical is not found if rel=canonical comes *after* href="" (not very common.)

If base href is an entire page url such as "" then this can cause some unexpected (and incorrect) results caused by failure to make relative links into absolute urls as expected. (We have yet to establish whether the full page url is acceptable or wrong.) In this case, if there are anchor links on a page (eg a href = "#0") then this can cause a crash in v6, up to 6.6.3

Integrity and Scrutiny can handle a site that uses frames; the urls in the frameset are followed and all content is found and links checked. Scrutiny can render a page (run js) before parsing it. But if the site uses frames, with a 'top check' in the javascript (redirecting to the frameset) and the 'run javascript' option is switched on, then Scrutiny may get muddled, particularly with relative links, which may be constructed incorrectly. Note: the javascript option in Scrutiny should really only be used if js writes links that can't be accessed by traditional crawling.

To see all enhancements and fixes, please see the Full version history for Integrity and the Full version history for Scrutiny (The full history is also in the release notes included in the app's dmg file)